The Walking Dead: 42 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We really amazed you with our first set of eight things that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead, and now we have finally returned with part two! There is so much more to learn about this captivatingly horrific television series, and our list offers the best of the best facts that you never knew! Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts three through five, to see the remaining 26 facts that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!

Number Thirty-Four: A Pup Named Dooley

The beloved pup that appeared in the series setting off Daryl’s noise traps is actually a real-life hero. The canine actor, Dooley, was chosen for the part because of his missing out. In real life, the eye was lost while saving his owner from a man who tried to steal his car.

Number Thirty-Three: Belated Casting

When the character of Michonne is first introduced to the series, you might notice that not much of her can be seen. She is shown wearing a dark cape that covers her eyes as she keeps to the shadows. This isn’t just symbolic filming, the producers still weren’t quite sure who was going to play the fierce woman. It wasn’t decided until later that Danai Gurira would receive the part.

Number Thirty-Two: The Switcharoo

The development of Carl’s character has certainly convinced the audience to adore him. Sometimes, however, Carl isn’t who he seems. Sometimes, he is a 31-year-old woman. The actor who plays Carl normally is 15-year-old Chandler Riggs, but his stunt double is a 31-year-old woman named Ashley.

Number Thirty-One: Kill Count

All you fellow Dead-heads out there remember season three fondly for its constant action and bloody violence. During this season, a key concept of the show was that humans had become even more deadly to our zombie-fighting gangs than the actual walkers. Of 17 humans deaths in this season, only three were the victims of zombies. The other 14 were killed by other survivors.

Number Thirty: Terminus

The events that took place in Terminus were essential to the plot line of the series, but what you didn’t know is that it is actually a real location. It is now known as Atlanta, Georgia, but back in the 1830s it was a railroad station by the name Terminus.

Number Twenty-Nine: Daryl isn’t Required

In terms of following the story line of the comics, the producers of this show aren’t exactly following the rules with Daryl’s character. He was originally supposed to be in the show for only a couple of seasons, but they liked the actor so much that they created a whole role for him.

Number Twenty-Eight: The Original Plans for The Walking Dead

When the show first aired, no one quite expected the intense reaction among fans. Originally, the series was only intended to be a mini-series, in which the characters all died in the explosion at the CDC. However, the show proved its overwhelming popularity, and it was decided to be extended.

Number Twenty-Seven: Above the Accents

If you really know this television series, you are probably aware that the casting crew liked to incorporate some British stars. Despite their southern accents, the actors who play Rick, Maggie, and The Governor are all British. Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts three through five, to see the remaining 26 facts that you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!

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