The Vampire Diaries: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Welcome to part two of 15 things you didn’t know about The Vampire Diaries.┬áSo far you’ve read seven amazing facts you probably didn’t know about TVD. You can read part one here. Everyone has their favorite character in The Vampire Diaries. Below you will learn six more interesting facts about the cast and characters you’ve grown to love.

Number Seven: The Vampire Diaries Loves The Nineties

Spoiler alert – in season six Damon and Bonnie are trapped in the ’90s. The producers decided to name every episode after a ’90s song!

Number Six: Damon Was Inspired By A Real Person

Doesn’t this sound fabulous? It’s true Damon’s character was inspired by a childhood friend of executive producer Les Morgenstein. He must know all sorts of great people since he is also the executive producer of The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girls and The 100!

Number Five: Their Mom Is Their Same Age

Damon and Stefan’s mom who is played by Annie Wersching is actually only a couple of years older than the actors. Can you say, hot mama?

Number Four: The Vampire Diaries Inspired The Red Cross

True story. The Red Cross had a Starve A Vampire blood drive. This idea was inspired by The Vampire Diaries. Due to flooding, there were blood drives canceled all over South Carolina. They decided to get creative since the need for donations was so large.

Number Three: Neve Campbell Was Chosen To Be Mom

Neve Campbell was asked to play Isobel Flemming, Elena Gilbert’s (Nina Dobrev) mother. One of the producers worked with Neve in Scream and thought she would be a great fit. The actress turned it down.

Number Two: Klaus Wasn’t To Be

Our favorite villain Klaus played by Joseph Morgan was to be killed at the end of the season. The executive producer (Julie Plec) assumed the actor wanted to pursue other opportunities. When Joseph heard the news he sat down with Julie and shared his love for the character. Good for him because it led to the spinoff The Originals which he stars on.

Number One: More Creatures May Arrive At Mystic Falls

In the original book, there were more than just vampires, werewolves, and witches. The directors have yet (Or may never) add angels, foxes, mythical creatures and different hell dimensions. Although we know there is always some mysterious creature lurking around Mystic Falls.

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