The Top Nine Most Unusual Couples



We’ve all had an odd couple in our lives at some point, maybe you’ve even been a part of one. And while the following couples’ oddities are a little more…substantial than the standard prom queen/ AV club nerd archetype, they are living proof that love can blossom in even the most unusual combinations and circumstances. Edited by PPcorn list was compiled nine of the most unusual couples from around the world.

Number One: Age ain’t nothin’ but a number and neither is height. Two-foot-one actor Verne Troyer and 5’6” Playboy model Genevieve Gallen proved this to be true when they tied the knot back in 2004. Even though the two divorced within the same year, it certainly wasn’t for a lack of sexual intimacy.

The Top Nine Most Unusual Couples

Number Two: Another unusual couple are the Peraltas. Not only do they look like complete bad-asses, but they are also Guinness Book record holders for the largest number of body modifications on a married couple.

The Top Nine Most Unusual Couples

Number Three: When US Army sergeant Tee Siegel was released from the hospital after sustaining a disfiguring injury from Iraq, his then girlfriend, Renee Eeyore Siegel, saw no point in waiting around any longer. The two made marriage vows shortly after his return.

Number Four: A young Indian woman named Mangla Munda was once ordered by the elders of her village to marry this homeless dog. The union, according to the elders, would eliminate hunger and disease from their settlements.

Number Five: Young sweethearts Nick and Katie Godwin, 23 and 21 decided to get married in the face of Katie’s terminal lung cancer in 2005. Their wedding was heartbreakingly beautiful and marriage tragically short as Katie died 5 days later.

Number Six: It’s never too late to fall in love. Ask Francois Fernandez and Madlen Franzini, said their ‘I do’s’ to each other in their mid 90s.

Number Seven: The hairiest man in the world, Yu Chzhenhuan is living a very happy life with his girlfriend in China.

Number Eight: Kelly Carl Hildebrant and Kelly Carl Hildebrandt found each other on Facebook in 2008 and bonded over their shared name. After the lovers met in real life, the decision to get married came naturally, and so they did soon after in 2009.

Number Nine: Standing tall at 6 feet 10.4 inches and 6 feet 5.95 inches, Wayne and Laurie Hallquist hold the Guiness World Record for “Tallest Married Couple”. With a total height of over 13 feet, Mr. and Mrs Hallquist have a love that reaches the ceiling.

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