The Top 5 Worst Jobs of All Time



Everyone tends to hate their job from time to time, but just be thankful that you don’t have to perform one of the worst jobs in the world. Our list of these top five worst jobs ever will really put things in perspective, and make you grow a new sense of gratitude towards your career. That is, as long as it isn’t any of these frightening positions!

Number Five: Taser Tester. Probably one of the more painful professions, people actually get hired to be a tester of police Tasers. It isn’t easy, Taser testers get shot with one million volts of electricity rather often, and don’t make much doing it. The average annual salary for this career is only $25,000- $45,000.

Number Four: Roadkill Remover. To keep the highways and roads clean and safe, it is the job of the Roadkill Remover to locate and dispose of the extremely common hit animal. No matter what the weather, they are always on the job picking up the decaying carcasses. All for only $30,000 per year.

Number Three: Cat Food Quality Controller. If you are really eager about becoming one with your cat’s life, maybe you should try out being a Cat Food Quality Controller. The main responsibilities of the job are searching through huge vats of wet food for bits of bone, remove unstrained bits of grizzle, and even snacking on the food for yourself to test for freshness. It might not be even a cat lover’s dream, and the job only pays $25,000- $30,000 annually.

Number Two: Animal Masturbators. Keeping our animal friends in a healthy, peak condition, the workers in this field… well, the name says enough. These employees are required to keep these animals happy with a variety of methods, including the old-fashion do-it-yourself one. Weirdly enough, they only get $10,000- $40,000 a year to do it.

Number One: Sperm Bank Janitor. Exactly what the name implies, a sperm bank janitor cleans up the mess left from a client’s use of the donation room. Donation rooms have to be cleaned thoroughly after every single use, so it becomes a busy job. Honestly, it gets a lot messier in there than you would assume.

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