The Snake: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Our part one article with the first seven things you didn’t know about the snake shocked you, to say the least, and we have finally returned to completely blow your mind with part two! These reptiles can be rather intimidating at times, but they become much less frightening when you take the time to learn more about their nature. To discover everything that you need to know about these legless beasts, read on to find out the top eight things you didn’t know about the snake!

Number Eight: They Aren’t That Scary

Sure, we have all heard the story of fatal snake bites, but in reality, these cases are exceptionally rare. In the known world, only five snake-related deaths are recorded each year. A mass average of 8,000 are bitten annually, but the anti-venom medical technology of today makes fatalities from the creature almost outdated.

Number Seven: The Statistics

Science has classified more than 3,000 known species of this majestic animal. Of this mass quantity of classifications, only about 700 are venomous. Even more reassuring, there are only 200 of these 700 species that are considered to be “medically significant”.

Number Six: Blink if You Dare

If you haven’t yet noticed, you will never see a snake blink. They don’t have eyelids and have limited use of their eyes. They are actually set in a fixed position so that they can’t move, which means that the animal has to move its head around to get a clear view of its surroundings.

Number Five: The Biggest Threat

King Cobras are a snake fit for nightmares. In terms of venomous snakes, the King Cobra is by far the largest. Although the reticulated python conquers the king in size, the king dominates with deadliness.

Number Four: The Deadliest Threat

The deadliest snake, in terms of the most venomous, is the Inland Taipan. These frightening beasts are native only to Australia, but are luckily pretty shy and don’t often attack.

Number Three: Snakes, Snakes Everywhere

In almost every location on Earth, it is possible to have an encounter with a snake. The only known continent that does not harbor the slithery beasts is Antarctica.

Number Two: Some ‘Snakes’ Are Lizards

Many people remain oblivious to the unlimited possibilities of the animal kingdom. Believe it or not, there is actually a diverse array of legless lizards that most people will mistake for a snake. How can you tell? If the creature has eyelids and ear holes, it’s a lizard.

Number One: A Snake Only Eats Meat

While many species can opt in and out of consuming other animals, the snake does not. Fresh meat is the universal meal of every species of snake. Have fun breaking the news to your daughter that she can’t make her snake a vegetarian. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 15 things that you didn’t know about snakes!

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