The Rabbit: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of this list about this cute and interesting animal, the rabbit. We told you how the bunny became associated with Easter and the fact that these creatures have teeth that grow forever. Here are some more fascinating bunny facts.

Number Eight: The ‘Binky’

If you’ve ever had a pet rabbit, you’ve likely noticed that when it gets excited or happy, it jumps into the air and twists. This cute motion has a name, and it’s called a “binky”.

Number Seven: Super Hearing Senses

Their long ears serve an evolutionary purpose, and that is to pick up sound from many directions simultaneously. They can even hear in two directions at once, and use their ears to help regulate their own body temperature.

Number Six: Osteoporosis Risk

These animals really need to be active, or they risk developing this bone disease. It’s for this reason that they make such playful pets, who love to toss toys and even play fetch. They need up to four hours a day of activity.

Number Five: The Rabbit Is Very Social

Rabbits in the wild live in very large groups. One of the biggest ever discovered contained 450 rabbits. These animals thrive on each other’s company, and if you have them as pets, should be kept in male and female pairs.

Number Four: They Recognize Specific Humans

We already talked about their amazing hearing abilities, but they also have extraordinary vision and sense of smell. They can recognize their owners by their scent and the sound of their voice, along with what they look like. They can also see to the side, behind, and directly above them without moving their head.

Number Three: They Get Groomed by Subordinates

Rabbits are very clean animals, who enjoy grooming each other, and lick as a sign of affection (similar to dogs). The “top bunny” of a group will often request cleaning from lower bunnies.

Number Two: They Shed for Defense

When a bunny gets stressed out, it may shed its hair. This has actually developed as a way for them to escape if they are in the clutches of a predator.

Number One: Long Whiskers for Sensing in Tunnels

Their whiskers are very long for the purpose of sensing their way through tunnels and not getting stuck. We hope you enjoyed part two of our article!

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