The Polar Bear: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



The polar bear is a wondrous creature which has gained the respect of people around the world. Since their habitats are being threatened, its more important than ever to be in the know. Here are more things about the polar bear that most people aren’t aware of.

Number Eight: They Aren’t White

Although the polar bear certainly looks white to the human eye, technically, they’re not. Instead, what people are seeing are clear hairs, which allow one the ability to see the color of the undercoat, which is equally as colorless. That is certainly intriguing.

Number Seven: They Can Live a Long Time in Captivity

Unlike most creatures who live a shorter amount of time in captivity, the polar bear does not. Instead of their 15-18 year lifespan in the wild, these animals can live at least twice that long under human care.

Number Six: They’ve Been Eating Each Other

Most of the time, a polar bear is going to survive off it the normal things it eats. Lately, however, this has been shifting slightly. Due to increasingly difficult living conditions, the polar bear has had to live by eating on another. This brings to light the severity of climate change.

Number Five: Want to Eat a Polar Bear Liver?

Humans have had to do many things in order to survive, and for a moment in European history, that included eating the polar bear. However, things turned back on them. When, in 1596, explorers tried eating the polar bear’s liver – with the rest of its body – their skin started to peel away shortly after. It’s extremely poisonous and should never be eaten.

Number Four: They’re Close to the Browns

Polar bears have a distinct look that makes them seem as if they are much different than other bears, but there is a close connection. As it turns out, the brown bear is its closest relative.

Number Three: There’s Polar Bear Jail

Churchill Manitoba is known as the polar bear capital bear of the world. As a result, the area is invaded by polar bears each and every year. To avoid possible damages, some of these bears are held in captivity for a time until the bear frenzy dies down.

Number Two: They’re Insulated

Like many arctic creatures, polar bears have to stay warm. These creatures do this through their natural insulation.

Number One: Thermal Cameras Can’t Pick Them Up

Once, scientists used thermal cameras to record the polar bear population in an area, only to find that they can’t really be spotted with them. Only the eyes, nose, breath, and heat coming from under their tails could be detected. Other than that, they look invisible!

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