The mountain homes of Italy’s Alto Adige



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I was flipping through the recent issue of AAA’s Encompass Magazine and just about got whiplash when I saw an article titled: A Taste of Border Country: Alto Adige offers you a one-of-a-kind blend of Alpine and Mediterranean cuisine, topped by dining-table views of the Alps.

Yes please!

Turns out Alto Adige is a mountainous region in northern Italy which straddles the borders of Austria and Switzerland. Formerly a part of the Austrian Empire, Alto Adige was annexed by Italy during World War II. The resulting cuisine, culture, language, and architectural styles are a captivating hybrid of Alpine and Mediterranean influences.

Heaven on earth, basically.

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After reading Ruth Tobias’s wonderful travel/foodie article in AAA’s Encompass [see here], I rushed to my computer to check out the real estate in Alto Adige.

Here’s just a sample of the varied homes of this fairy-tale region…


The quintessential Swiss chalet:

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This lovely mountainside home is currently listed for sale at  780000 € [euros] – $993,581 in US dollars.

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This chalet features stunning views of the Dolomite range from numerous large balconies.

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Inside, the home has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms – perfect base for a large family to gather for some skiing in the Italian Alps!

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For more information on this cozy mountain chalet in Alto Adige, see here.


The ultra modern home:

Villa San Valentino in Merano, Alto Adige, was designed by Austrian architect Stephan Unger. This unorthodox home was built “for the cohabitation of 3 generations with common spaces.”

The odd shape of the home allows for the windows to be placed in the most energy efficient areas, and also provides for panoramic views in “picture frames”.

This modern house is enveloped in traditional dressing : The larch-wood shingle facade is representing the traditional craft of the Alps-region Upper Adige.

For more information on this multi-family (slightly anthropomorphic) contemporary home see here.


The villa built on castle ruins:

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The important thing to know about this house is that parts of it date back to around the year 1500!

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I’m not sure what parts – the listing does not specify – but this home apparently incorporates a portion of the former Palace Baldessari de Scopoli.

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If that doesn’t impress you, then perhaps this will:

It is located in one of the oldest buildings in the country and consists of a large apartment of 180 square meters. with terrace of 28 sqm. which leads to the courtyard (250 sqm.), in the center of which stands a Venetian well-head.

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This house/former castle ruin is currently for sale but no asking price was stated in the listing.

If you would like to indulge further in the fantasy of owning a 500+ year old (partial) palace with a Venetian well-head in the Italian Alps, see here.


Well folks, that concludes my little house tour of the stunningly scenic region of Italy known as Alto Adige.

Have a good weekend!

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