The Mosquito: 15 Interesting Facts (Part 2)



Recently, we brought you the first part of this list of interesting facts about the mosquito. For example, it’s the deadliest animal on this planet, and only the females bite you. Here is part two of our article.

Number Eight: Dark Clothing Attracts Them More

Since these insects are drawn to heat, they will flock to you more often if you wear dark clothing, which absorbs the sunlight. Remember to wear white next time you have a picnic.

Number Seven: Fish and Dragonflies Are Their Main Predators

While many creatures will not eat mosquitoes, a few feed almost exclusively on the larvae. In fact, there are specific species of fish that are used all over the globe to help curb mosquito populations. Some places in Maine have such an issue with these insects that they release hordes of dragonflies every summer to keep it under control.

Number Six: Bug Zappers Are Not a Good Defense Against a Mosquito

There have been studies that have proven that bug zappers are highly ineffective for getting rid of mosquitoes. Only one percent of the insect residue found on these devices comes from mosquitoes.

Number Five: They’ve Appeared in Historical Works

You may know that these insects are ancient, dating back to the times of dinosaurs. They have even been mentioned by famous philosophers including Aristotle around 300 B.C and Apollinaris in 467 B.C. It looks like they’ve been annoying humans since the dawn of man!

Number Four: One of the Slowest Insects

These insects only fly at around 1 mile per hour, which is unusual for their tiny size. This makes them one of the slowest flying insects that exist.

Number Three: Alexander the Great May Have Died From One

The king of Macedonia is considered one of the world’s most successful leaders of all time, but he may have been done in by a tiny little mosquito. Some research conducted around 2003 suggests this and has yet to be disproved.

Number Two: They Hibernate

Since they are cold-blooded and prefer climates of 80 degrees or higher, when the temperature starts to dip below 50, they hibernate for the winter. It’s true!

Number One: Viruses Make Them Crave More Blood

If one of these insects gets infected with the dengue virus, it makes them even thirstier for blood. We hope you enjoyed part two of our article about mosquitoes.

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