The latest green home trend: real live moss bath mat



Okay, okay, people aren’t knocking down the doors of IKEA or Crate & Barrel to purchase these things, but the plush mats are making a splash in on-line green living circles.

image from: / Image via Yanko Design

Yes, this bath rug is actually made of moss. Living, breathing moss. It is designed to thrive in the, um, damp environment of a bathroom. It sucks up the shower moisture and a person’s body moisture for food.

Created by Switzerland-based industrial designer La Chanh Nguyen, the small indoor greenspace features three types of live green  mosses – ball moss, island moss and forest moss – that grow in individual  “cells” of plastazote, a decay-free foam.

I love green homes, and I love green design, but this bath rug just seems a little icky to me. Imagine the critters that could grow in there!

image from: / Image via La Chanh Nguyen

In my humble opinion it’s as bizarre as having a pet clam in your house.

What if you go away on vacation for a couple weeks? Does it shrivel up and die?

I imagine this type of bath mat would do better in Seattle, than say, Phoenix.

These things retail for $115 a piece, but I suppose if you really wanted one (and had a green thumb) you could DIY.







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