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photo credit: Tony Urban - from:
photo credit: Tony Urban – from:

This creepy looking relic is located in Rehmeyer’s Hollow near Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania. It is also known as the Hex Hollow Murder House. On a cold November night in 1928, a terrible crime occurred here and vestiges of the crime remain to this very day.

This is how it all went down…

Three members of the Pennsylvania Dutch community had been experiencing a spell of bad luck and ill health. They were told that they had been hexed by another member of the Dutch community – Mr. Nelson Rehmeyer [pictured below].

Nelson Rehmeyer - image from:
Nelson Rehmeyer – image from:

The men were also told that the only way to rid themselves of the hex was to find the guy’s spell book and burn it, along with a lock of his hair. (Apparently the early Dutch community in Pennsylvania was into witchcraft.)

On the night of November 27th, the three men went to this very house – Mr. Nelson Rehmeyer’s house – and confronted him.

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It did not end well.

Rehmeyer refused to cooperate and was subsequently strangled to death in his kitchen. The perpetrators went a little further and mutilated his body for good measure. They then attempted to burn the house down in order to hide the crime. But the old house at Rehmeyer’s hollow had a stubborn soul.

It only partially burned before the fire died out. There was plenty of evidence that survived the fire which indicated who the killers were. The three murderers were tried and found guilty of the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer.

Below is a photo that was taken of the burnt-out house during the police investigation:

image from:
image from:

Apart from losing the rear log addition, the house doesn’t look all that different today. Probably because it has been meticulously restored maintained by Nelson Rehmeyer’s great-grandson, Ricky Ebaugh, who now owns the house.

image from:John Pavoncello (York Dispatch)  via
image from:John Pavoncello (York Dispatch) via

It didn’t always look this well preserved however. The house was abandoned for years after the murder and fell into extreme disrepair, as you can see in this rare photo below:

image from:
image from:

Rehmeyer’s daughter and her husband took over the house to use as a rental property and they fixed it up to the point where it was livable again. Starting in 2007, great-grandson Ricky Ebaugh brought the house to the next level by restoring it to how it would have looked in 1929.

image from:
image from:

Naturally, the house is thought to be haunted by the tortured ghost of Nelson Rehmeyer. Many paranormal enthusiasts are drawn to what became known as “Hex Hollow”. The name of the hollow was later changed to Spring Valley County Park – which has a much less dubious ring to it.

The house is currently undergoing the approval process to gain National Historical Monument status.

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One of the things Rehmeyer’s great-grandson did to preserve the house’s terrible history was to uncover the hole in the original kitchen floor where Nelson Rehmeyer’s burned body was found. In the photo below, you can see where his legs burned through the floor joist and if you look closely, there is even dried blood still visible from that gruesome night in 1929…

image from:
image from:


I’m sorry I could not find any more pictures of the restored interior besides that ghoulish one. But I did read that the great-grandson now gives tours of the home – if you are ever in the area of York County, Pennsylvania.

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