The Grand Canyon: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



The Grand Canyon is truly one of Earth’s wonders. People come from around the world to take pictures of this gorgeous landscape. Here are more facts about this place that a lot of people don’t know.

 Number Eight: It Has a Webcam

The Grand Canyon has a webcam, and it stays perched on top of Yavapai Point. People can see the canyon any time of the day and its super cool. It also allows viewers to see weather details.

Number Seven: It’s the Location of a Serious Plane Crash

In the ’50s, two planes, whose passengers request to fly over the airspace of Grand Canyon – to get a beautiful bird’s eye view – ended up crashing into each other. As a result, the Federal Aviation Administration was created to prevent things like this from happening ever again. It can be supposed that while the deaths of all passengers were certainly tragic, at least they died over something so beautiful as a miracle of nature.

Number Six: You Can Spend the Night There

For people that want to sleep overnight at the park, they should know that doing so will require a permit, which they can get from the Backcountry Office. The view at nighttime must be spectacular.

Number Five: Bottled Water Is Banned in The Grand Canyon

Well, at least the purchasing of it is. Since a few years ago, no one is allowed to sell bottled water on the land. This has been done in an effort to hopefully eliminate the appearance of bottle trash throughout the part.

Number Four: Its Original Name is Way Different

Although the world now knows The Grand Canyon to be called that name, it has a name which is very different. The Paiute Indian tribe calls the canyon Kaibab. The word itself means “the mountain turned upside down.”

Number Three: Crossing It in One Day Is Possible

It’s possible for people who visit the park to go from one side to the other. If one is vigilant, it’s possible to get from the northern side to the southern side in only five hours.

Number Two: It Isn’t All Just Nature

There’s more to the park than just nature, and we aren’t talking about malls. Multiple historical buildings have been preserved, including The Desert View Watchtower and the Grand Canyon Railway Depot. A couple buildings are over a hundred years old!

Number One: There’s a Glass Walkway

One of the newest additions to the park has been the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This walkway, made of glass, cost over 30 million dollars to build. Thanks for reading our list of things you didn’t know about The Grand Canyon!

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