The Fish: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Earlier we brought you part one of this list of fascinating things about fish. For example, the fact that jellyfish and starfish are actually not fish, and that certain species can live out of the water. Here’s part two of the list.

Number Eight: They Have a ‘Keel’

Similar to the way a ship has a heavy keel in its lower part to help it stay balanced, these creatures have theirs on top. This is why, when a fish dies, it goes belly up.

Number Seven: Fish Can Drown in Water

We usually think of them as “drowning” when they are out of the water for too long, but it turns out they can actually drown in the water. This happens when there is not enough oxygen in the water.

Number Six: The Most Poisonous Species

This is called the stone fish. If you get stung by this creature, make sure to seek medical attention immediately or you will likely suffer shock, paralysis, and possibly die.

Number Five: A Dangerous Delicacy

In Japan, there is a certain species of puffer fish that is extremely lethal, but very delicious. There are gourmet chefs in Japan that risk their lives to prepare this fish, but they must have a special certificate in order to handle it.

Number Four: Hammerhead Schools

These sharks can live in schools of over 500 sharks. In the center, the strongest female swims. When she wants to mate, she moves her head from side to side to let the other females know to move away so she can be the center of attention.

Number Three: Some Types Can Change Gender

The emperor angelfish to be specific. The male lives together with up to five female mates at one time, and if he dies, one of the females can morph into a male and become the head of the group.

Number Two: Playing Dead

Certain types of these aquatic creatures know how to play dead as a survival mechanism. The batfish floats motionless on the top of the water to impersonate a dead leaf when it feels threatened.

Number One: 32,000 and Counting

We have only explored about one percent of the ocean and already have discovered over 32,000 species of fish. Scientists are finding more and more all the time. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about fish.

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