The Dragon house with big views in Big Sur



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This one-of-a-kind property on the Big Sur Coast in California is currently for sale for $3,995,000.

The million dollar views of the Pacific Ocean are sublime… but the sellers decided to throw in a really cool house as well.

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This 1,075 square foot home has only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom but the property also includes a guest cottage and a caretaker’s cottage.

Known as the “Dragon House“, this architectural wonder has been for sale since 2010.

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Main house features hand carved redwood Dragon staircase, curved redwood walls, stone fireplace, stained glass, and Craftsman windows.

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Unfortunately the listing only has 2 interior photos so we don’t get to see much of the unique 1974 built home.

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But the house almost plays second fiddle to the awe-inspiring views of the ocean, steep cliffs, and rocky shores.

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This house would make a fantastic filming location for a Sleeping With The Enemy type movie – or a James Bond film – no?

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You can watch the sun sizzle into the sea each evening….

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Blissful. There’s just something about watching the sun set over the ocean that gives me the tingles.

For more information on this truly spectacular home you can see the complete listing here.


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