The Chicken: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



The chicken is one of the most common animals on this planet. More of these birds are raised and killed for food than any of the other creatures on earth, combined. We typically only think of them in terms of food, but there are many interesting facts about the birds. Here is part one of our list.

Number Fifteen: Amazing Memories

These birds can differentiate between more than 100 faces of other chickens. In fact, their memory is so good, it’s comparable to elephants.

Number Fourteen: More Than 24 Unique Vocalizations

Chickens communicate to one another about what they see. Each sound has a unique meaning, such as warning their friends about predators or telling their mother they are comfortable.

Number Thirteen: They Dream

It’s been proven scientifically that these birds experience REM. This leads researchers to believe that they dream just as humans do.

Number Twelve: A Chicken Is Smarter Than a Toddler

Quite astoundingly, they have been known to exhibit mathematical reasoning and self-control. They also possess knowledge of “object permanence”, meaning the ability to know that when an object is hidden from view, it still exists somewhere. This is a skill that even young children do not have a lot of the time.

Number Eleven: They Were Originally Tropical Animals

It’s hard to conceive of now since we’re used to seeing them on farms or locked in a pen, but the chicken originated in tropical rain forests. They evolved there for millions upon millions of years.

Number Ten: Automatic Chicken Catchers

In the poultry industry, there used to be a job called manual chicken catching. This was named the worst job ever in the industry because it caused severe back pain and carpel tunnel syndrome. As a result of this, an electronic device has been invented that does the job and spares the manual laborers.

Number Nine: Bird Hierarchies

Similar to humans, chickens create social structures, and are well aware of where they exit on this ladder. These are known as “pecking orders”. We hope you enjoyed part one of this informative article. Check back for part two, coming soon.

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