The Bear: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



The bear is an extremely diverse creature that has been around for a very long time. We see them portrayed in many ways, from a fierce predator to be feared to a cuddly stuffed animal friend. Here is part one of our list of interesting facts about bears.

Number Fifteen: We Can Determine Their Age Through Their Teeth

The most reliable method for determining the age of a bear is to look at a cross section of its tooth root through a microscope lens. Scientists do this by counting the rings on the root.

Number Fourteen: They Can Set Off Bear Traps Unharmed

Bears are very smart creatures. They have been known to roll rocks into bear traps to activate the trap and retrieve the food set as bait safely.

Number Thirteen: ‘The Bear That Walks Like a Man’

The animal earned this nickname from Native Americans. This is because they can walk short distances on their hind legs, similar to a human.

Number Twelve: Black Bears are Not Always Black

They come in a variety of colors, ranging from black to reddish brown, to lighter brown and even white. The white bear has been called the ghost or spirit because they are so rare and were believed by Native Americans to possess supernatural powers.

Number Eleven: Some Like Beer

An incident in 2004 reported that a bear was found unconscious at a campsite in Washington. It had broken into a cooler and drank the contents. There was a wide selection of beers in the cooler but the bear selected a certain kind as its favorite and only drank those. It passed out shortly after.

Number Ten: True Omnivores

Many of us already know that bears are omnivores. They are not always picky with what they eat and have been reported to ingest anything from snowmobile seats, motor oil, and even rubber boots.

Number Nine: Grizzlies are Named for Their Silver Tipped Fur

The silver tips on the hair are referred to as “grizzled”. An astounding 98% of the earth’s population of Grizzly bears exist in Alaska alone. We hope you enjoyed part one of this list about bears. Return for part two, coming soon.

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