The Bagel: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We might have shocked you with our selection of the first seven things that you didn’t know about the bagel, and part two is even more surprising! To find out everything there is to learn about this healthy snack, all you need to do is read along! We are finally back to present the final top eight things that you didn’t know about the bagel!

Number Eight: It’s Not a Bagel Unless It’s Boiled

If you have ever wondered what differentiates bagels from other types of bread, it is the unique crust achieved by boiling the dough before baking. To aid in this process, chemicals such as lye, baking soda, or even honey are added to the boiling water. If your breakfast bread doesn’t have that iconic chewy yet crunchy crust, it has probably been steamed instead. In other words, it’s not a real bagel.

Number Seven: They Are Actually Pretty Healthy

Despite being “oh my god CARBS,” bagels are actually pretty good for you. Usually, the only ingredients found in this type of bread is flour, malt, salt, and yeast. In terms of fat, they are a great option for diets and offer a fiber-rich benefit when you opt for whole wheat. However, the gluten-free and low-carb options can tend to be worse for you. The ingredients they use to replace flour in these cases often add a lot more fat content with them, as much as nine grams per bagel.

Number Six: Bagels All Over the World

New York isn’t the only place that offers a unique style of bagel; iconic variations are offered all over the world. There are Montreal-style bagels, the Russian bublik, the Finnish vesirinkeli, the Turkish simit, the Austrian beugel, and the Polish obwarzanek.

Number Five: The Favorites

In the way of American varieties, this tasty treat is offered in varieties anywhere from blueberry, to everything, to spinach Florentine, and even pumpkin crunch. However, the classic plain bagel remains to be the most popular option of all. Coming in second is surprisingly sesame.

Number Four: Buzzed Bagel

In food science labs, they are capable of creating some pretty astounding miracles. For the people who are not morning people but can’t stand the taste of coffee, molecular scientist Robert Bohannon introduced his creation of the “buzzed bagel”. This bagel is seemingly normal in appearance and taste, yet has the caffeine content equivalent to two cups of coffee.

Number Three: A Bagel Is a Blank Slate for Literally Any Topping

One of the most alluring aspects of the bagel is all of the various toppings that it can hold. You could take the simple route of butter or cream cheese, or go all out for a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. Feeling sweet? Berries, jellies, and chocolate all make great additions. Feeling healthy? Try a bit of peanut butter. Savory? Maybe a bagel pizza should be in the works, or even try vegemite or marmite. The possibilities are literally endless!

Number Two: Bagels are Dangerous

You might not think of a bagel as hazardous, but oddly enough, it is. The process of slicing bagels can be incredibly dangerous in some cases, leading to the hospitalization of up to 2,000 victims per year. It is pretty common nick a finger or two on a sharp knife while slicing, and industrial slicers in bagel shops only add to the injuries. These large, mechanical devices are made to perfectly slice bagels with an intimidating, spinning metal blade, and have been known to take off a finger or even hand here or there. The bagel business is dangerous, people- former bagel shop worker verified.

Number One: Personality Correlations

Believe it or not, your favored choice of bagel can be as revealing about your personality as your Zodiac! If you like plain the best, well, that one kind of speaks for itself. Those who prefer salt bagels often love to talk, and might have some trouble controlling what odd and potentially-vulgar things might flow out of your mouth. Pumpernickel lovers are often quite practical, level-headed, and occasionally punny. Whole wheat usually indicates a health nut or flower child, and poppy is the ultimate sign of a wild child who likes to have fun. Those who go for cinnamon raisin are the sweetest and kindest of souls. Finally, the popular choice of the everything bagel often indicates people who like to live life to the fullest. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the 15 things that you didn’t know about the bagel!

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