Sonic: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Drive-In



Sonic has been everyone’s favorite blast-from-the-past eatery since the early 1900s, and we’re here to shed a little light on their success. We have found the weirdest and most revealing facts about this nostalgic fast food chain, and they are just waiting to be discovered. If their tots don’t amaze you, our facts on Sonic sure will!

Number Seven: The Carhop Competition

One of the most characteristic qualities of the fast food chain is the marketing strategy of having their servers skate to deliver your food. Believe it or not, the strategic serving method became so iconic that it spawned a skate-off competition within the company. After teaming up with RC Sports and Dr. Pepper, Sonic has been hosting a skate-off race to name the leading carhop in the system each year.

Number Six: The Drink Possibilities

Because of their extensive promotions featuring the endless drink options, we probably aren’t the first to tell you just how many beverage options there are at Sonic. For starters, Sonic is known to be the master of the milkshake art. From malts to classics, to their coming peanut bacon shakes, this restaurant has everything your sweet tooth will crave. In addition to their wide variety of shakes, slushes and fountain drinks offer a massive sum of 1,063,953 beverage combinations. If you can’t find a drink you like there, it is official that you are a picky drinker.

Number Five: The Winning Name

The name Sonic has been music to fast food lovers’ ears since 1959 though most of us aren’t completely aware of where the name came from. Sadly, it isn’t a reference to your favorite video game character. In fact, the restaurant was originally a food stand based around root beer and burgers called Top Hat. However, this name was already trademarked when the business started to boom. Instead, they went with Sonic to embrace their new slogan, “service with the speed of sound”.

Number Four: Humanizing the Process

To embrace a generation of humane food sources, the Sonic company brought on a revolutionary tradition for their fast food chain. Since 2010, the company has declared that all eggs used were to be sourced from cage-free chickens, chickens would be slaughtered for consumption using improved and more humane processes, and pork products would be cultivated from pigs that were gestation-crate-free. While other chains may still have issues with improper animal handling, Sonic is one restaurant consumers can feel comfortable dining at.

Number Three: Dairy Product to Ice Cream

In addition to the humane treatment reformations the company underwent, they mandated another food quality policy change in 2010. Before this year, milkshakes and frozen treats were made using a “non-ice cream, lower-fat dairy product” substitute. In light of the dietary reformations customers are seeking in the modern day, this ingredient was changed. Since 2010, the formula for their ice cream has been adjusted, and they proudly serve purely ice cream treats.

Number Two: The Ultimate Sonic

Many of us are familiar with the classic layout of the Sonic drive-in, but one location in Homestead, Florida completely blows the minds of customers. This specific restaurant in the chain lays on the shores of a sunny Florida beach and offers customers a modern outdoor lounge equipped with large, flat-screen televisions. In addition to its impressive atmosphere, the Super-Sonic sells beer and wine along with a handful of exclusive menu items such as popcorn shrimp, Philly cheesesteaks, and pulled pork.

Number One: The Awesome HQ

Oddly enough, the Sonic headquarters is a destination for many- not just the employees. The massive corporate building is located in the center of Oklahoma City and even offers its own drive-in and dine-in facilities within its base. At least the executives know where they are going for lunch! We hope you enjoyed our list of the seven things you didn’t know about Sonic!

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