The 100: 10 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know



The 100 has quickly become one of The CW‘s most popular shows. The post-apocalyptic drama is loosely based on a book and revolves around the story of a group of teenagers trying to survive in an ever-changing world. However, even if you’ve watched every episode and consider yourself an avid fan, there are still some facts about the show that most people don’t know. Here, we present our list of 10 facts you definitely (probably) didn’t know about The 100. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself below!

Number Ten: The Series’ Language Shares Something in Common With Game of Thrones

The language spoken by the “grounders” on the show is called Trigedasleng. Interestingly, Trigedasleng was created by the exact same person who created Game of Thrones‘ Dothraki language!

Number Nine: The Series Began Filming Before the Book Was Released

While many series based on books don’t begin filming for quite some time after the book’s release, this isn’t the case with The 100. In fact, the series began filming before the book by Kass Morgan was even released.

Number Eight: The Actors Are Significantly Older Than the Characters They Play

While the character of Clarke begins the series at just 18 years old, actress Eliza Taylor was 26 when she began playing the role. Similarly, the character of Bellamy was 23 years old at the beginning of the series but Bob Morley, who plays the character, was 31 when the series began filming.

Number Seven: The Story Behind TonDC in The 100

TonDC (or Tondisi in Trigedasleng) is an important location in the series’ second season. Interesting, the name stems from Washington D.C. Remove the “Washing” and you’re left with TonDC.

Number Six: It’s Fond of Aussies

In fact, three of the lead female characters are played by Australian actresses! These actresses are Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Dichen Lachman (Anya), and Alycia Debnam (Carey).

Number Five: The Jungle Scenes Don’t Use a Green Screen

Though the picturesque and almost surreal scenes set in the jungle could easily have been replicated using a green screen, this wasn’t the case. All of the jungle scenes are actually set in a lush, green area and are as beautiful in real life as they are on screen.

Number Four: It’s the Most-Watched Show in Its Time Slot

Well, sort of. Since 2010, the show has been the most-watched show in its time slot on The CW.

Number Three: Lincoln Has a Connection to NCIS

The character of Lincoln is played by Ricky Whittle. Whittle also appears in an episode of NCIS in which he plays a character called Lincoln! The episode is called “Detour.”

Number Two: Octavia Is Older in the Series Than in the Book

Though the series features the character of Octavia pushing 18 years old, in the books, she’s only 14 years old. Making her 18 years old in the show minimized some of the more controversial scenes the series features.

Number One: Jasper Was Supposed to Die in the Pilot

It’s true! Jason Rothenberg, who is a writer for the series, revealed in an interview that the character of Jasper was supposed to die at the end of the series’ pilot. However, Rothenberg was so impressed with Devon Bostick’s performance that he kept him on. Thanks for reading our list!

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