Tamagotchi: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)




We are back with more interesting facts about everyone’s favorite childhood game, the Tamagotchi. Check our part two of our list below!

Number Seven: It Was Conceived by a Woman

Maita Aki, a young Japanese woman who worked for Bandai at the time, came up with the idea; she envisioned a little pet you could carry with you everywhere that left no mess at home. And that’s how Tamagotchis were born. Aki always lived in the shadow of the toy company that popularized the product and got virtually no recognition for her creation.

Number Six: Some of Them Never Died

The original Tamagotchi could pass away for several reasons: starvation, thirst, illness, or simply of old age. Whenever the little pet died, a tombstone and ghost appeared on the screen. However, some countries decided to show something more uplifting instead. U.K. versions, for instance, presented an angel ascending to heaven, or simply a flying saucer taking the alien creature back to its home planet.

Number Five: Real Tamagotchi Burials Were Performed

1998 was a hard time for kids who, sooner or later, had to say goodbye to their virtual pets. A pet cemetery in Cornish, England, used to perform burial ceremonies for expired Tamagotchis. Every detail was handled: the devices were placed inside individual coffins and topped with sand and flowers.

Number Four: There’s Also an Online Tamagotchi Memorial

There’s a virtual alternative for those who aren’t willing to travel all the way to England to bury their cyberpet: an online memorial place. On the open forum thread, Tamagotchi owners can leave farewell messages and condolences for the deceased creatures.

Number Three: There Are Tamagotchi Versions for Several Video Game Platforms

Although most of them were never released outside Japan, there are Tamagotchi games for consoles including Nintendo DS, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy and Wii. Computer versions were also released for Windows 94.

Number Two: Tamagotchis Can Have Jobs

The newest versions of the toy don’t stick to eating and sleeping. Once they reach adulthood, Tamagotchis are supposed to work, just like everybody else. You can come across teachers, musicians, actors, stylists and TV hosts among the many professions present in the game.

Number One: There’s a Santa Claus Tamagotchi

“Santaclautch” was released in 1998 in Japan only as a unique Christmas-themed version of the toy. With an outer wintery design (red, green and white), the goal of the game was to get Santa ready for Christmas. Although Santa feeds himself, the player was in charge of providing him with different items to successfully deliver all the presents in time.

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