Sweet Golden Retriever Adopts And Raises Orphaned Lion, Tiger And Hyena Cubs



The conventional wisdom that species keep to themselves has been repeatedly challenged when animals are in captivity. Zoos and rescues have documented many instances of dogs stepping in to care for orphaned animals of nearly every species. A situation at Beijing Wildlife Park confirms that baby animals might just receive their best care from dogs. It was there that tiger cubs, baby hyenas and even a lion became best friends with a kindly golden retriever.

14. An Unexpected Mom

Image: Blog.Dataiku.com

Baby animals orphaned in the wild often don’t make it. That’s why it is so important for dedicated wildlife volunteers to rescue the animals and take them to a secure location. There, many animals learn the skills they need to return to the wild. Others stay at the park. For some lucky puppies, tiger cubs, baby hyenas and a lion, a stay at Beijing’s Wildlife Park brought them an unexpected mentor: a golden retriever.

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