Supernatural: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



If you’re into werewolves, goblins, witches, and pretty much everything paranormal, then you’re also probably a fan of the show Supernatural. If you’re not a fan, you might be after learning more about this awesome show. Here are some more facts about this long-running series.

Number Eight: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Mermaids?

In the show, Sam and Dean – the protagonist brothers – often begin to settle their problems by playing rock, paper, scissors. Continually, it seems as if fate is on Sams side. Over the years, it has become some sort of an inside joke amongst the biggest Supernatural Fans.

Number Seven: None of the Actors Thought it Wouldn’t Last

Despite now being on the air for ten seasons, there was a time that the actors didn’t believe Supernatural would Last. Of course, this seems an odd thing to mention now. Sometimes, things are just supposed to happen the way they’re supposed to.

Number Six: Misha Collins Wasn’t Always an Actor

Misha Collins, who is one of the show’s regulars, wasn’t always a full-time actor. Before landing his role, the man actually was working selling software. It turns out that he was acting on the side, but eventually pursued it full-time.

Number Five: It Beats Smallville

Now that the show is going to have an eleventh season, the show will beat Smallville as the longest running sci-fi show. That is a lot of air time!

Number Four: Supernatural Turns Real-Life Injuries Into Fake Ones

In the beginning of Season 10, Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, had his arm in a sling. Those who worked on the show managed to make it seem as if the character was injured, but they only did so because the actual actor had actually dislocated his shoulder, and they needed a cover-up!

Number Three: Convincing Portrayals Lead to Questioning Fans

In the 8th season of the show, there was a large portion of the plot dedicated to Sam’s Demon Trial tasks. The character looked very sickly, and his performance was so great that fans of Supernatural believed something was wrong with the actor in real life!

Number Two: The Protagonists Go Undercover as Rock Stars

Well, sort of. During the show, the main characters often have to go under cover, and they use names that are actually short names for rock stars. One time, they went as “Plant” and “Page”, which are the last names of the lead singer and guitarist of Led Zeppelin.

Number One: Misha Collins Was Almost Anakin

Before becoming Supernatural’s leading angel, Misha was almost cast as Anakin in Star Wars. Had he not looked like a wreck during his interview with Lucas, he certainly might have!

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