Supergirl: 8 Facts You Did Not Know about the TV Series



Though Supergirl has only been on for one season so far, it has amassed quite a following. Based off the DC universe superhero of the same name, the CBS action series stars Melissa Benoist as the title character, solving crimes and saving the citizens of fictional town of National City. Its consistently high viewership throughout the first season has earned it a recently announced second season. Here are eight facts about Supergirl that you didn’t know about the show’s story and production.

Number Eight: Before the Show Began, the Comic Ended

Based off the New 52 series of comic books, Supergirl premiered on CBS in late 2015. However, the book series the character was based on ended about the same time. It wasn’t the end of the title though, as a digital comic based on the show’s universe was released in January 2016. Further, a new series was announced as part of DC’s 2016 “Rebirth” relaunch.

Number Seven: Supergirl Was Created by the Same People as the CW DC Series

Supergirl was created by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, who were also responsible for the CW series Arrow and The Flash. In fact, these characters are also part of the same universe. The Flash, played by the same actor, even appeared in a recent episode of the CBS show.

Number Six: The Air Date of Two Episodes Were Switched

The episode “How Does She Do It” was slated to air as the fourth episode of the series on November 16, 2015. However, the unexpected attacks on Paris that month forced CBS to reconsider it that week due to events that happen in the episode involving bombs. Instead, this episode was shown a week later and the original fifth episode, “Livewire,” aired as the fourth.

Number Five: The Original Supergirl Plays the Title Character’s Adoptive Mother

Before the CBS drama, Supergirl was a 1984 film starring Helen Slater. Slater is in the TV show as well, this time playing the title character’s adoptive mother. Also, Kara’s adoptive father is played by Dean Cain, who, in 1993, played Superman in the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Number Four: The Series Pays Homage to Supergirl’s Successor

Kara Zor-El’s does not actually have an adoptive sister in the comic books. Instead, what the series did was make Alex Danvers in the image of Kara’s comic book alias and successor after being cut out of comic book continuity.

Number Three: Melissa Benoist Was Casting’s First Choice for Supergirl

Though they auditioned many actresses for the part, including Claire Holt, Gemma Atkinson and Elizabeth Lail, it didn’t take long for casting directors to choose Benoist. She was the first person they auditioned and immediately knew she was right for the part. The same thing happened when casting Arrow and The Flash.

Number Two: The TV Character is Based Off Christopher Reeve’s Superman

When it came to creating Supergirl, its creators took inspiration from Superman: The Movie and Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman. Even the title character’s normal look and mannerisms are reminiscent of Reeve’s Clark Kent.

Number One: The Title Character’s Real-Life Husband is Also in the Show

The character of Adam Foster is one of Kara Zir-El’s love interests in the show. Blake Jenner, the actor that plays Foster, also happens to be Melissa Benoist’s real-life husband. Thank you for reading our list of eight facts about Supergirl. We hope you enjoyed it!

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