Super Mario: 8 Facts You Won’t Believe Are True



The Super Mario Brothers franchise is one of the biggest video game franchises in the world and of all time. However, there are some facts about Mario that are just plain bizarre. We’ve compiled a list of the eight craziest facts about Mario, and you just might not believe them. Check them out for yourself below!

Number Eight: Mario the Murderer. In the Super Mario Bros. instruction manual for NES, the Mushroom Kingdom is described as being invaded by Bowser, who with the help of his army turns the mushroom people into stones, bricks and plants. These are the same stones, bricks and plants that Mario is encouraged to destroy!

Number Seven: Super Hornio Brothers. In 1993, two porn films were made based on Mario, starring Ron Jeremy. The films were released at the same time as the Super Mario Bros. film in 1993; in an effort to downplay the pornos, Nintendo bought the rights to them and tried as best they could to hide them from the public.

Number Six: Cross-dressing Character. The character of Birdo is depicted as a pink dinosaur with a bow and purple eyeshadow. However, Birdo is always voiced by a man, implying that he’s a cross-dresser. Not only that, but in the manual it states that Birdo is a man who thinks he’s a woman.

Number Five: Super Mario Is Bald

Though the Mario of today is often depicted with hair, the Mario of early days was definitely bald. Some people speculate that Mario’s hair today is actually a toupee.

Number Four: ’80s Snafu. In the 1980s, Mario’s creator wanted to make a game featuring characters from Popeye, but he couldn’t get the copyright. To fix this, instead he made a game with Mario, Donkey Kong and Princess Pauline – the predecessor to Princess Peach.

Number Three: Mario Party Controversy. Mario Party became a wildly popular game when it was released in 1999. However, some of the mini-games required kids to use their thumbs or palms to repeatedly rotate the analog joystick. This led to blisters and even lacerations in some cases, and many kids began wearing gloves to protect themselves.

Number Two: Mario Mario. Mario’s first name is clearly Mario, and Mario and Luigi are the “Mario Brothers,” so does that mean Mario’s full name is Mario Mario? Well, not exactly. In 2012, Mario’s creator dispelled this rumor and said that Mario and Luigi’s full names were just Mario and Luigi.

Number One: Mario’s Trip. Nobody can deny that some scenes in Super Mario Brothers gameplay can be very trippy. According to Mario’s creator, the world Mario operates in was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Considering the fact that Alice in Wonderland is an allegory to drug use and the fact that Mario eats mushrooms, it wouldn’t be so surprising to find out the connection between Mario and drugs is closer than you might think.

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