Suits: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of this list of interesting facts about the hit TV seriesSuits, which began airing back in 2011. There’s still quite a bit more to be said about the show, so keep reading for part two.

Number Eight: Flashbacks

Avid fans may have noticed that almost every season of Suits features a flashback episode. The exception to this rule is season one.

Number Seven: The Specter Anagram

If you change the letters around in the name Specter, you will get the word respect. It is rumored that this was an intentional anagram.

Number Six: Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty

You may have noticed that these two share a special chemistry on screen. This is because the two of them have been friends for an astounding 20 years. In fact, Macht recommended that Sarah get the role for Donna. The actors joke about how awkward it would be if they had to get romantic on the show.

Number Five: Gina Torres Hopes to Have an Impact on Suits

The actress who plays Jessica has said that she hopes her character will have a real life impact on people. She wants to inspire girls to go into law, but not only because she dresses so well.

Number Four: The Creator of Suits Chose Adams for a Reason

A very specific reason in fact. He liked that the actor has “intelligent eyes.” Being on this show has opened up a new world to Patrick, who claims his career has taken a 360-degree turn since he was cast.

Number Three: Rick Hoffman is Allergic to Cats

Louis Litt may be a huge fan of felines, but the actor is actually, ironically, deathly allergic. He says that he is a (hypoallergenic) dog lover, not a cat lover.

Number Two: Adams and Bellisario

Patrick J. Adams is dating Troian Bellisario. He visits her on the set of Pretty Little Liars, they profess their love on Instagram, and the couple got engaged back in 2014.

Number One: Gabriel Macht Is from a Family of Lawyers

His sister was a District attorney, his cousin and aunt are both lawyers, and his grandfather was a judge. He, on the other hand, never wanted to go into law. We hope you enjoyed part two of our article about Suits.

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