Starcraft: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Starcraft is a huge game which millions play every single day. It’s been around for a long time, and yet, not many people know some things about this game. Here are more interesting facts about the game that most individuals don’t know.

Number Eight: There’s a Course For It

The world takes Starcraft quite seriously: so seriously in fact, that there’s a course for it. Berkeley holds such a course for the game and has since 2009.

Number Seven: Starcraft in the Guinness World Records

Starcraft is such a successful game, its in the Guinness World Records. The game itself wins the record for being the highest selling strategy game for PC, and hasn’t been beaten since.

Number Six: The Zerg Are More Human Than One Might Think

The Zerg, which are integral to the game, were modeled after humans. More specifically, they were made to look like human dental x-rays.

Number Five: Gore Level Changes

Starcraft II released different versions of the game around the world. In some countries, the gore level of the game is quite different than in other areas, but it is quite subtle, but there is reported to be more gore in the American version, which isn’t too surprising Still, it’s interesting how game makers will adjust a game to better suit its demographic.

Number Four: The Terran Confederate States of America

If one looks closely enough, they will be able to see that the Terrans use the same flag as the confederates, which was a thing (in the time of the American Civil War). In fact, the war was partially what inspired Blizzard to make the game.

Number Three: A Man Died from It

Once, a man died from playing Starcraft for too long. He didn’t really sleep or eat, and 50 hours into playing, the man died. Sadly, he may not have died if it weren’t for the fact he had been fired from his job… by playing too many computer games at his desk. This sounds pretty horrible, to say the least.

Number Two: Zerg Units Were Herbivorous

Interestingly enough, many Zerg unites came from once herbivorous individuals. They turned Zerg when they were corrupted by the swarm.

Number One: The Book Series Came After It

Many games and universes are formed from books, but this is not the case for Starcraft. Instead, the game inspired the writing of many books.

This game is rather unique and interesting. It’s quite amazing how one game can affect the lives of so many people, really.

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