St. Louis Cardinals: 6 Things You Never Knew



The St. Louis Cardinals have been making themselves known in Major League Baseball, but there is so much about them that even the biggest fans don’t know! Don’t worry- we have come to give you the scoop. Read on to discover what you are missing out on!

Number Six: They Use a Lot of Paper Products

MLB isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly in nature. The team alone goes through approximately 7,315,200 feet of paper towels each season, along with 15,373,800 feet of toilet paper. Laid out end to end, that’s enough paper to make a trail from Richmond to Salem.

Number Five: Postseason Appearances

The St. Louis Cardinals have definitely made a striking presence in Major League Baseball. In total, they have made no less than 26 appearances in postseason games, including both the World Series and Champion Series.

Number Four: The Start of the St. Louis Cardinals

The team emerged as early as 1882, but not by the name that we have come to know today. The team was originally introduced as the St. Louis Brown Stockings, then the Browns, followed by the Perfectos. In 1990, they finally attained the title of the Cardinals.

Number Three: Making History

The Cardinals played in their very first game in 1982 at Sportsman Park. There, they rang in victory against the Louisville Eclipse. The first World Series win didn’t happen for another 44 years. It took a bit of practice, but they stole the win right from under the Yankees’ nose in 1926. Since then, they have claimed 10 more World Series titles.

Number Two: Fan Base

Oddly enough, the Cardinals aren’t exactly a hometown team anymore. In fact, roughly 90% of their fan base is made up of people who reside outside of the St. Louis city. However, these fans make up a whopping sales total of 920,000 hot dogs, 252,000 pounds of nacho chips, and 50,000 gallons of melty cheese at Busch Stadium each season.

Number One: They are on Top

If you have been too distracted by the Yankees and the Sox to notice this team’s wild success, they really are doing better than ever. They have had nine total postseason appearances in the last 13 seasons. In all 13 of those seasons, only a single one was considered to be a losing season. Basically, the Cardinals in the 2010s are the Yankees of the 1990s. ‘Nuff said. We hope you enjoyed reading the six things you never knew about the St. Louis Cardinals!

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