Spider Monkey Forced To Perform In Circus Is So Overjoyed To Return To Jungle That Even His Rescuers Are Left In Tears



A horrific tale of cruelty turned into a beautiful story of hope after a spider monkey is rescued from captivity. Pepe spent eight years chained up by his neck. He was part of an illegal circus and his handlers abused him. He was cut off from others of his species and brutally crippled so he could not fight back. Thanks to Animal Defenders International, he has a new lease on life.

19. Pepe the Spider Monkey

Image: ADI

Pepe the spider monkey survived horrific abuse. He was kept by an illegal circus, chained up to a wall by his neck for eight years. The monkey was isolated and alone, not able to socialize with any other monkeys. His handlers snapped off his canine teeth so that he was unable to defend himself. Animal Defenders International (ADI) is an American international campaigning group, with offices in London, Los Angeles and Bogotá. The organization has been involved with several international animal rescues, funding both the relocation and rehoming of circus lions, tigers, chimpanzees and other animals and has become a major force for animal protection, succeeding through its undercover investigations in securing legal protection for animals.

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