Sofia Vergara: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Carlton Salter via flickr
Carlton Salter via flickr

If her accent weren’t enticing enough, Sofia Vergara is hilarious to watch. Since shooting to fame on Modern Family, the actress has also earned a strong following of fan and here are a few facts that they may not already know.

Number Fifteen: Sofia Vergara Did Not Set Out To Be A Star

Instead of being involved with acting or singing from a young age, Sofia Vergara was not involved with the industry until she was a teenager. She was discovered on a Columbian beach when she was 17 and received an offer for a Pepsi commercial soon after.

Number Fourteen: Her Religious Upbringing Caused Some Problems

Vergara was raised Catholic and a very strict one at that. This prevented her from doing certain jobs at first because she did not want to embarrass her parents. It was not until her Catholic school teachers told her to take her first television commercial that she was okay with the subject matter.

Number Thirteen: Her Son Has A Unique Name

In Latin cultures, it is common to name children after their parents or other relatives. Vergara and her ex-husband bucked this tradition though and named their first son Manolo after Steve Bauer’s character in Scarface (1983).

Number Twelve: She Thought She Was Too Thin Growing Up

With her voluptuous curves, you would never know that Sofia had body image issues growing up. She has said that at one point, she thought she was too thin and would wear two pairs of jeans to cover this up.

Number Eleven: Sofia Vergara Fought Her Own Cancer Battle

Cancer in any sense of the word is terrifying. The actress dealt with this first hand in 2000 after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She later had her thyroid removed as a treatment option.

Number Ten: American Meat Tastes Weird To Her

Prior to moving to the United States, Sofia ate meat on a regular basis. After makinng the move to the United States, though, she stopped saying that American meat did not taste the same to her.

Number Nine: She Has Never Had Plastic Surgery

In Hollywood, everyone seems to get plastic surgery. The same could be said for Vergara’s figure upon first glance, but the needles have never touched her and she intends to keep it that way for quite awhile. Stay tuned for our second piece on Sofia Vergara coming soon!

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