Six Flags: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



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We recently brought you part one of our list of 15 interesting facts about Six Flags. Now, we bring you part two of this list, with eight more facts about the world’s largest amusement park corporation, whose more than 800 rides and 120 roller coasters make their 18 parks some of the most visited properties in the world.

Number Eight: Six Flags Operates Two Parks that Do Not Bear Their Name

When Six Flags acquired Great Escape in 1996 and La Ronde in 2001, they decided not to stick their name on them like they have done with most of their other acquisitions. The name is still on the logo, but all it says is “A Six Flags Theme Park.” The company did do some branding at Great Escape, though. The park’s new resort and indoor water park bear the company name.

Number Seven: The Company Is Named After Texas History

When Six Flags opened its first park in Texas, they named it after the state’s richly colorful history. Texas has been part of six different countries: France, Spain, Mexico, the Confederacy, the Republic of Texas, and the United States. Because of this, the very first logo featured all six of the countries’ flags. Since acquiring their other parks, the logo became more generalized.

Number Six: They Are Open for the Holidays

Most amusement parks close after Halloween, and so did most of the company’s parks, until recently. First started at Six Flags Over Texas in 1985, it has been slowly rolled out to the rest of their parks, including Great Adventure in 2015 and Six Flags America and St. Louis in 2016. The premise is similar to the widely known Fright Fest, except with special holiday rides and lights everywhere.

Number Five: Their New Jersey Park Is the Largest Amusement Park in the World

In 2012, Great Adventure combined their theme park with their safari park, making it the largest amusement park in the world. At 510 acres, it beats the previous title holder, Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, by 10 acres.

Number Four: They Used to Own a Stake in Dick Clark Productions

For about five years, Six Flags owned a 40% interest in Dick Clark Productions, while Red Zone Capital, which was run by the park’s directors, acquired a controlling 60% interest. The deal was made to bulk up their parks’ entertainment offerings and to provide outstanding promotional opportunities. However, Red Zone sold their interest in DCP to Guggenheim Partners, Mandalay Entertainment and Mosaic Media Investment Partners in 2012.

Number Three: Their Parks Are Featured in ‘Roller Coaster Tycoon’

Six Flags has been working Atari for years letting players use their attractions in their gameplay. However, they took it a step further in the past year, allowing Atari to use actual park schematics, the traffic patterns of guests and better insight into the company’s most popular rides. Roller Coaster Tycoon World was supposed to be released in December 2015 but was delayed with a tentative release date sometime in early 2016.

Number Two: 2,000 People Were Once Married On a California Roller Coaster

For Valentine’s Day 2000, Magic Mountain decided to hold a huge wedding ceremony on top of the Goliath roller coaster. Two ministers married 1,000 couples over the course of the day. All exchanged vows before the coaster made its first steep drop.

Number One: Four Parks Are Getting the Same Ride in 2016

While all of the parks are getting new rides this year, four of them are getting the same ride. Fiesta Texas, New England, St. Louis and Great Escape are all getting a giant loop coaster. Called the Fireball at all but Great Escape, where it’s called Greezed Lightnin’, it features a single loop with a car that progressively reaches the top, then hangs there for a few seconds before coming around and down. These four loop coasters are the same as the El Diablo coaster that premiered at Great Adventure in 2015. Thank you for reading our list of 15 interesting facts about Six Flags. We hope you enjoyed it!

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