Simon Bolivar: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Simon Bolivar was born in Venezuela in July of 1783, which was at the time considered a part of the Hispanic colonial empire. This South American general helped six different nations gain political independence. Here are some things you didn’t know about him.

Number Fifteen: He Was Tiny

Simon has been described as a very energetic person, passionate, full of energy and ambition. It’s also been reported that all of this gusto was packed into a surprisingly small figure.

Number Fourteen: He Was Always Rich

He didn’t just gain financial abundance after his success as a military commander, he was always wealthy. His family was one of the few in the country that owned most of the land in Venezuela, and were one of the richest in the entire colony.

Number Thirteen: Losses From the Independence Movement

Simon joined the patriot cause at an early stage in life and was fully committed to it, after the balance of the social order was disrupted by the independence movement. He and his family unfortunately lost a lot of the money they had during the wars.

Number Twelve: General Rivalries

Although they all had a shared goal among them, independence from Spain, Bolivar and other patriot generals did not always get along. There were a few times that they almost started battles between themselves instead of working together for their common cause.

Number Eleven: Simon Bolivar Preferred Flings to Marriage

Although he was married for a short time while living in Spain as a younger man, his wife died shortly after their marriage. After this, he did not marry again, and instead preferred to have short flings with women he met during his campaigns.

Number Ten: He Has His Own National Holiday

In both Bolivia and Venezuela, Simon Bolivar’s day of birth is celebrated as a national holiday. Schools, buildings, people, and villages are named after him all across South America.

Number Nine: Upper Peru Was Re-Named Bolivia in His Honor

It wasn’t until 1825 that Bolivia (previously upper Peru) was named as such. This was in Simon’s honor. Thanks for reading part one of our list. Be sure to check back for part two, coming soon.

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