30 Shocking Facts About NASA (Part 4)




You did it! We’ve already given you parts one, two and three of 30 shocking facts about NASA, and we’re here with the final installment! Check out the final seven interesting and straight up shocking facts about NASA below.

Number Seven: Moon Flag Mystery. Though most children will be able to tell you that Betsy Ross sewed the American flag, it is still unknown who designed and made the Apollo 11 Moon flag. There are two hypotheses currently in circulation: that the flag is one of three that NASA secretaries purchased on a lunch break, or it was ordered from a government catalog for the whopping price of $5.50.

Number Six: Mars Lawsuit. NASA was sued by three men from Yemen for trespassing on Mars. The men claimed that Mars belonged to them since they inherited it from 3,000-year-old ancestors.

Number Five: The Power of Quinoa. NASA is considering quinoa for a potential crop in its Controlled Ecological Life Support system due to its dense nutritional value. The crop will be used for long-term expeditions.

Number Four: Office of Planetary Protection. Yes, the Office of Planetary Protection is a real thing that really exists. It was created in the event that we find new life on other planets.

Number Three: Insulin Crystals. NASA researchers discovered in 1998 that insulin is much more effective as a crystal (the researchers could grow crystallized insulin in space). Diabetic patients only had to take the insulin crystal once every three days, whereas regular insulin must be administered one to three times per day.

Number Two: Vehicle Assembly Building. NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building is so monstrously large that 10,000 tons of air conditioning units are required to prevent the building from developing rain clouds on humid days. We didn’t ask what was required to heat the building, although we imagine it’s a lot.

Number One: NASA to Voyager I. At a bandwidth of 115.2 kilobits per second, it still takes a message from NASA to Voyager I (and vice versa) 32 hours to travel from one end to the other. So, which of these facts about NASA did you find most interesting or shocking? Let us know in the comments!

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