Sherlock: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of this list of facts you didn’t know about Sherlock, the very popular British-American crime drama show. Now we are back with part two of the list.

Number Eight: Cumberbatch is an Expert Pen Catcher

There’s a scene in the episode titled The Blind Baker where Sherlock catches a pen without even looking at it. It turns out the actor made the catch on the very first try while filing, but the camera guy missed it. They had to do a couple more takes to get it right.

Number Seven: K-Pop Loves Sherlock

In 2012 a K-pop band called SHINee came out with a hit song dedicated to the show. The music video includes a number of references, and involves the band members solving a mystery.

Number Six: He’s Not Really a Sociopath…

There is an episode where Holmes is accused of being a psychopath, and replies that he is, in fact, a high functioning sociopath. According to a psychologist named Maria Konnikova, however, he is too empathetic and loving to fit the profile of a sociopath.

Number Five: …But Just Might be Autistic

There’s a charity called the National Autistic Society who cited the character Holmes as an example of someone who might have autism. Some indications of that were his inability to recognize sarcasm and his single-mindedness.

Number Four: Cumberbatch and Stubbs Go Way Back

It turns out the main character on the show grew up around the corner from Una Stabbs, who stars in the show as his landlady Mrs. Hudson. She says he was a very polite child.

Number Three: The Actor Doesn’t Like His Hair

Cumberbatch has to grow out his hair for this role, but he dislikes doing so. He believes it makes him look like a woman.

Number Two: The Villain’s Mansion is Owned but Uninhabited

Appledore is actually owned by one of the nation’s most successful engineers. The million does not actually live there though because his wife doesn’t like the place.

Number One: There’s a Russian Version of the Show

Russia has its own Sherlock, but their version is titled Freud’s Method. We hope you enjoyed part two of our list of facts about the show.

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