Shark Facts: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Among marine life, there are not that many animals that are more terrifying than the shark. The shark attacks that always make the news do not help their popularity, but here are few facts that you may not know about these animals.

Number Fifteen: The Shark Is Silent

When an animal is going to kill, you would think that there would be a bit of noise. With sharks though they are completely silent because they do not have vocal chords.

Number Fourteen: The Fight For The Top Of The Food Chain Is Not Easy

Everyone thinks that sharks are always the animals at the top of the marine food chain, but this is not the whole story. The battle between sharks and orca whales is always ongoing since neither wins against each other all the time.

Number Thirteen: Some Are Endangered

As one of the top predators in the ocean, sharks look like they have it easy when it comes to enemies. The oceanic whitecap shark is actually critically endangered according to the Conservation of Nature, though.

Number Twelve: They Are Extremely Good Hiders

Some sharks like the great white easily make their presence known in the ocean with their large size. Despite this, they can easily camouflage themselves if viewed from the top or the bottom. They appear blue-gray on the top and white on their stomachs.

Number Eleven: Some Pose No Threat To Humans

If Jaws (1975) is your only view of sharks, then you will only have a negative view of them. But some sharks are harmless to humans. They can grow 60 feet long but will not attack people.

Number Ten: Their Gestation Period Varies

For human babies, nine months is the recommended gestation period. Sharks vary when it comes to birth, however. For example, frilled sharks can take up to three and half years before they give birth. What strong mothers they are!

Number Nine: If There Is Something In The Water, Sharks Know

With their strong sense of smell, sharks can easily tell if something new is in the water through a process called electroreception. For example, sharks can almost immediately smell blood because it changes the conductivity of the water. Stay tuned for part two of our article on sharks coming soon!

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