Shameless: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We recently brought you part one of our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Showtime’s Shameless, and now we are back with part two. Some of these pieces of trivia will definitely surprise you!

Number Seven: Emmy Rossum Pranked Justin Chatwin

Chatwin, who played a gay son to a very homophobic father on Showtime’s Weeds, got pranked by her on-screen love interest. Rossum convinced the writers to give him a script with an extra scene in which he confessed his homosexuality to his father. “He had finally really embraced the whole idea of his character being gay! And we finally broke the news to him [that it was a prank] on-camera. It was amazing. The shock on his face.”

Number Six: Rossum Got Pranked Back

Rossum spoke with her Reddit fans in 2013 and shared a few fun behind-the-cameras anecdotes, like the time Fiona’s on-screen siblings placed a “public restroom” sign on her trailer. A few bystanders actually walked in and used the toilet.

Number Five: The Same Person Directed Both Shameless Pilots

Mark Mylod directed the first episode of both the U.K. and the U.S. versions. He later returned to direct a few extra episodes on both productions.

Number Four: Woody Harrelson Was Going to Be in the Show

Harrelson signed up with the series creator to star in the show. However, the airing date kept getting pushed back and he dropped out of the project after Zombieland was released.

Number Three: Emmy’s Real and On-Screen Grandmas Died at the Same Time

Rossum’s grandmother died the same week they were shooting the episode in which Fiona’s mother passed away. The actress said she was particularly affected filming that episode.

Number Two: Chatwin Used to Eat Smelly Food Before Kissing Scenes

It’s pretty obvious by now that both actors love pranking each other. One of the most consistent practical jokes Chatwin carried out on Rossum was that of eating disgustingly smelly foods (like tuna fish sandwiches) before their intimate scenes together.

Number One: It’s Not Shot in Canaryville

Although it takes place in Canaryville, a small town in Chicago, none of its sequences were actually filmed there. The Gallagher’s house is located in North Lawndale, also in Chicago. The production team visits Chicago a couple of times a year for exterior shots, but everything else is filmed in a studio in Los Angeles. We hope you found out some interesting facts about the show!

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