See Inside The New Business Class Cabin That Virgin Australia Have Revealed



Virgin Australia, world’s second largest airline after Qantas has revealed the all new business class which is known to the world as ‘The Business’. This latest offering from Virgin Australia is operational on its Airbus A330 and Boeing 777-300ER fleets.

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Virgin Australia, shackled in the loss due to a struggling phase in its international business has come out a competent to Qantas Business Suite, carrying on a long overdue head-to-head contest for gaining the attention and ridership of the Premium Class passengers on the routes connecting east-west [Brisbane-Perth, Sydney-Perth & Melbourne-Perth].





‘The Business’ features reverse herringbone seating arrangement that has been introduced before in Cathay Pacific, American and Qatar Airways. Through this new venture, Virgin Australia intends to make a spectacular comeback in the Trans-Pacific business travel market. First edition of ‘The Business’ is reported to fly from Australia to Los Angeles.

According to the reports, Virgin Australia boasts of the widest and longest flat-beds that are available in the domestic air travel.

Look for something special in every aspect of Virgin Australia’s ‘The Business’ and one would not be disappointed in the attempt.




va1_3         2

The cabins introduced in the fleets of Virgin Australia have a flamboyant look that makes it irresistible to gadget lovers and the laymen looking for a comfy stay, even above 30,000 feet from the ground. Imagine that!!!

And for the ladies out there, ‘The Business’ provides you a new amenity kit featuring REN cosmetics, that comes in handy if one wants to look dashing all the time.

The newly designed business cabins offer 37 luxurious convertible suites providing a 80-inches long flat bed.


Virgin Australia’s refurbished business class cabin, consists of five rows with four seats in 1-2-1 arrangement. The transformation in the seating arrangement from its previous edition of 2-3-2 is done in order to ensure a direct access to the aisle to all the business class passengers. It provides an ample space to keep all the essentials within reach.



The Outer seats converge to the windows of the aircraft and the seats in the middle are angled towards each other, utilizing the space of ‘The Business’ judiciously.


For all of those who don’t prefer to be disturbed by an untoward neighbor, Virgin Australia’s new business class takes care of that too. With its tinted and wrap-around covering of the cabinet it ensures passenger’s privacy giving a feel of a time capsule. And for the social elements aboard, the tinted covering slides back so that one could have a nice chit-chat session with the seat-mate over a cup of coffee or wine for that matter.

23                          4

The cabins reflect a theme implemented upon bold and dusky charcoal colors with embedded white panels and silver trim. Signature purple sprints of Virgin Australia makes a vibrant palette in the cabin, giving it a classic look.



Newly designed business class seats of Virgin Australia has been built on the Super Diamond Platform from B/E Aerospace. Moreover the seats of the cabinets are customized by a London design agency ‘Tangerine’ working in tandem with the Creative Director of Virgin Australia, Hans Hulsbosch.

The shells of the seats are carbon-fiber caste, making them rigid and light. These are exposed covers having a cross hatched finishing just to give away a soothing touch to the passengers making their journey more pleasant.


The seat in the cabin is well padded, 21-inches wide distance between the sidewall and armrest. The suite of ‘The Business’ is well cladded with a durable, soft-weave cloth below a lavishing headrest made of leather unlike its poor imitation that has been offered by Qantas Business Suite.


According to the insights given by the Creative Director of Virgin Australia, all the seats are inclined by an approximation angle of 17.3 degrees. The seat gives you comfortable sitting postures instead of making you sit uptight.

Unless the passenger is an ugly-foot giant from the fairy world, the suites have ample space to recline the body, one could even stretch at times. Need an extra pillow? Request the all-new ‘deep sleep’ turn-down service to cabin crew and get luxurious pillows and duvet for the cozy travel. 


Virgin Australia has always been a cordial host in most of its enterprises and so in its new business class cabins, it ensures convenience and comfort of the passenger by providing coat hooks and also separate jacket covers are provided by the crew members. The cabin has a LED reading lamp, in case one wants to explore a book, newspaper or a magazine.

For those who gets easily bored by travelling, ‘The Business’ offers you an in-flight entertainment system with a 16-inch user interactive screen with noise cancelling headsets. It lets you choose from some 3000 hours of good movies.

sc          7

Also an on-screen menu featuring a chat room on the plane where you can chat with your fellow passengers via a keyboard. Air travel is one hell of a travel so just chat away to get accompanied.

chat1                   chat2


‘The Business’ cabins provide a large modular flat table which can be folded back and forth, according to the requirements of the passenger. Laptops of any size can be kept and worked up on the table.

Electricity supply for the gadgets is an indispensable part and so AC and USB sockets are provided in the suite itself that are installed away from the seat to avoid close contact or tripping.

charge                 mac

Cheer up Mac users!! because there is a dedicated power socket for a Mac Book available in the cabin. Also there is a standard 3-pin headphone jack for the music lovers.

The Gap between the cover and the panel allows to close the panel, while it still has wires running through the gadgets. One doesn’t need to make extra space for the I-PAD or tablets while travelling, as it is provided near the sidewall with a concealed USB socket for the times your tablet is starving, not to forget the literature pocket beside it, for holding books and magazines.

tab               padd



Travelling in one of the most luxurious rides of the world, comes with it, delicious food on-board. The food menu of ‘The Business’ is prepared by Australian chef Luke Mangan.

food food1

Champagne cocktails and brewed Nespresso coffee gets served soon after the take-off, giving a delight to the passengers.

nesp                   nespresso

Passengers of ‘The Business’ have umpteen choices from Bellini, Kir Royale along with the Mimosa cocktails and canapés to the ‘a la carte’ and ‘Express dining’ classic selections by Australian chef Luke Mangan.

Looking for a bar to booze? ‘The Business’ offers it all along with a little privacy, a small bar in the middle of the cabin. Just make sure not to get drunk while you’re aboard.



As claimed by John Borghetti, CEO, Virgin Australia, it is quite the ‘Business class to beat’, a class worth experiencing.

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