SeaWorld: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



SeaWorld is a marine mammal water park that has been in operation for 52 years. Even with all its good and bad press, it continues to entertain goers today. Earlier we brought you part one of this article. Enjoy part two below!

Number Eight: There Is An Unaffiliated Park In Australia

SeaWorld has a sister park in Australia. Like the American parks, it is a marine mammal water park with rides. The difference is the size and the name. The Australian park only has 15 rides. The Australian name is also separated with a space, Sea World, unlike the American name, SeaWorld. Oh, and the American park was founded first, seven years earlier!

Number Seven: SeaWorld Almost Made it to The Middle East

In 2008, Busch Entertainment had announced plans to open a fourth park in Dubai. Unfortunately, those plans were abandoned during the international financial crisis.

Number Six: Thank ULCA Students

The first park opened in 1964 because a group of UCLA students wanted to open an underwater restaurant. However, this thought eventually developed into a park with sea lions, dolphins and two saltwater aquariums.

Number Five: It Expanded Into Yet Another Water Park

In 2007, SeaWorld Orlando announced its addition of the Aquatica water park, which already includes SeaWorld and Discovery Cove. Discovery Cove is known for its dolphin viewing and tropical bird feeding.

Number Four: The Criticism Continues Today

Criticism didn’t stop after documentary film Blackfish, which was known to expose the park for the cruelty against whales in 2013. A former trainer, John Hangrove, wrote a book called Beneath The Surface. It reveals the harsh cruelty within the park and became a New York Times Bestseller in 2015.

Number Three: The First Location Wasn’t in Florida

Out of the three water parks in California, Florida and Texas, the first park to open was in California. SeaWorld San Diego opened on March 21, 1964.

Number Two: Some Trainers Masturbate Whales to Collect Sperm

Typically orcas choose their own mates. However, at SeaWorld, orcas must breed on a regular basis. Male orcas are trained to float on their backs. Their trainers masturbate them to collect their sperm.

Number One: The Deepest Tank Isn’t Deep Enough

The deepest tank is 40 feet deep. Orcas spend more than 90 percent of their time submerged in the darkest depths of the ocean. The pool tanks at SeaWorld are not deep enough to retrieve them from harsh elements. We hope you enjoyed these eye-opening facts about SeaWorld!

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