Saving Money: 7 Back-To-School Facts for the Non-Collegian



As leagues of grade school and university-level students start flooding back onto campuses, many department and retail stores are hosting “Back-to-School” discounts and other methods of saving money. What does that matter to me? you ask. Even if you aren’t going to school next Autumn, you can benefit from the hordes of school savings. As always, PPcorn has your back with these seven money-saving tips for the non-collegian.

Number Seven: Tax-Free Weekend is a great opportunity for saving money on everyday items. In what is probably the sweetest school savings deal of all, many states offer a No Tax or Tax-Free Weekend around the time grade school starts, usually mid- or late-August. Though you may not find yourself in need of ten reams of wide-ruled paper or a red/blue kinder mat, Tax-Free Weekend holds a wealth of possibilities for the non-collegian. From everyday clothes like socks, underwear, and shirts, you can also snag some tax-free books and snacks. Check your local news listings to see when and where your Tax-Free Weekend starts (as well as what restrictions may apply).

Number Six: Save money on food. Back-to-School time could mean discounted snacks for your budget-slim wallet. From Lunchables to snack-size chips, Tax-Free Weekend could land you a wealth of kiddy-inspired snack foods.

Number Five: Utilize restaurant discounts. Not only can you find amazing savings at the supermarkets, but you can also hunt down great half-off deals at fast food restaurants in mid-to-late August. Lots of places advertise their “Back-to-School” meal discounts, so keep an eye out if you have a craving for fifty-cent corn dogs.

Number Four: Buy shoes. Lots of shoes. What is the main thing kiddies grow out of over the summer? Shoes. Retail shoe stores often host extreme footwear discounts in August/early September.

Number Three: Get huge savings on clothing. While Tax-Free Weekend has its obvious perks, the regular school deals found in chain department stores aren’t to be overlooked. Many retail clothing stores offer 20-45% off of regular clothing of all sizes around the time school starts.

Number Two: Buy cheap office supplies. From department store giants like WalMart to smaller, more product-focused chains like Office Depot, a plethora savings can be had from discounted office supplies. In 2015, for instance, many Office Depots had a one-penny sale on select items.

Number One: You can find sweet medical and dental deals. Many dentistry and medical places offer great deals (sometimes up to 60% off) around back-to-school time. If you are looking to change doctors or dentists locally, you can usually find anything from dental checkups to whitening sessions.

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