Sandra Bullock: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



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Sandra Bullock has become extremely popular due to films like Speed, Sleepless in Seattle, and Gravity. There’s so much to this interesting person. Here are more things that most people don’t know about her.

Number Eight: She’s a Naturalist

While many people decide to use western medicine, Sandra Bullock uses a different approach. Instead, she works with Chinese herbs and goes to an acupuncturist as part of the things she does for her healthy lifestyle.

Number Seven: Sandra Bullock Cares

One of the things that Sandra Bullock does is give back. She has been known to give money to the American Red Cross. Over the years, she’s donated over 4 million dollars!

Number Six: She’s Adopted

One of the most giving thing that someone can do is adopt a child, and in 2010, Sandra Bullock did just that. She named the boy Louis.

 Number Five: She Owns a Production Company

It is easy to see that Sandra Bullock is owning her life. For almost 20 years now, this actress has owned Fotis Films production company. She founded the company with her sister Gesine.

Number Four: She’s Learned Different Accents in a Peculiar Way

Before reaching fame, this actress worked by bartending. It was in this stage of her life that she learned all of the accents any actress would need to know from the job itself!

Number Three: She Was Warned Not to Do ‘Speed’

Of course, we don’t mean the drug. Sandra Bullock’s breakout role was in the movie Speed, but despite its success, almost everyone who knew her told her not to do the film. How she proved them wrong!

Number Two: She Almost Earned Her Bachelor’s

This actress had gone to East Carolina University in Greenville to earn her bachelor’s in acting. Just three credits away from earning, however, she dropped out. The timing of it all is quite intriguing.

Number One: She Earned Her Reputation in High School

When she was in high school, Sandra Bullock earned a certain reputation: she was voted to be “Most Likely to Brighten Up Your Day.” Out of all the other social names she could have been called, it’s certainly one of the most positive.

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