San Francisco: Top 25 Airbnb Dream Destinations



Airbnb is one of the most popular services people use to travel on a budget. San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to visit (or to live in), so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of results when you search for Airbnb San Francisco. Here, we present our list of the top 25 Airbnb listings you can stay in around the Bay Area and SF. Ready for an impromptu vacation? Check out the list for yourself below!

Number Twenty-Five: Unique Marina Designer Showplace

Price: $119/night. Neighborhood: Marina District. This quaint space features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is just one block from the Palace of Fine Arts!

Number Twenty-Four: Mission Treehouse

Price: $295/night. Neighborhood: The Mission. This lovely space features two bedrooms and is ideally located for those seeking the trendiest possible experience. There are four floors, including a “Treehouse Suite,” which features a private balcony and a skylight window. Sweet!

Number Twenty-Three: Perfectly Located Castro

Price: $69/night. Neighborhood: Castro. This place is truly a steal! The space features 12-foot ceilings and dates all the way back to 1895. Plus, it’s centrally located, so you won’t have to walk far to find great restaurants and entertainment.

Number Twenty-Two: Victorian in Castro/Duboce

Price: $225/night. Neighborhood: Castro/Duboce. This quaint space is from the Victorian era and dates back to 1891. The apartment is modernly and tastefully decorated and features a renovated kitchen. Not to mention the stunning wood floors!

Number Twenty-One: Quiet Modern Loft With Private Garden

Price: $200/night. Neighborhood: The Mission. One of the more eclectic spaces on our list, this Airbnb listing is a real catch. The space is a converted livery stable and features a garden with tree ferns, orchids, and jasmine vines. The bathroom even has a claw foot tub!

Number Twenty: Adorable Cottage With Fenced Yard

Price: $395/night. Neighborhood: The Mission. This “adorable cottage” truly lives up to its name. The cottage features two bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a fenced in backyard. There are a washer and dryer in the cottage, too, so you don’t have to worry about bringing too much extra clothing.

Number Nineteen: Grand And Cozy 1920s San Francisco Studio

Price: $149/night. Neighborhood: Bernal Heights. “Grand” and “cozy” might sound like an oxymoron in the same sentence, but something about this space really works. The apartment used to be a corner store, so the layout is quite interesting. And it has a fireplace for those chilly nights, too.

Number Eighteen: Nature Lovers’ Zen Retreat in San Francisco

Price: $199/night. Neighborhood: Richmond/Seacliff. Nothing screams “vacation” quite like clouds painted on the walls, right? This listing features a bedroom twice the size of the average hotel room and is just a five to 10 minutes walk from some great hiking and scenery.

Number Seventeen: Luxury 5,000 Square Foot San Francisco Bay

Price: $1,230/night. Neighborhood: Overlooking the bay. If you’ve got some money to burn, here is the place to do it. The listing truly is luxurious, featuring 5,000 square feet of stunning architecture. The windows are UV coated, it has a deck overlooking the bay, there’s a steam room and there’s also a fire pit. You’ll never want to leave!

Number Sixteen: Potrero Hill ‘Nest’

Price: $158/night. Neighborhood: Potrero Hill. This listing includes one bedroom and a private bathroom as well. The hardwood floors are made of bamboo, and there are two decks overlooking the city.

Number Fifteen: Mission Sunshine

Price: $120/night. Neighborhood: The Mission. This listing features a private bathroom, a claw foot tub, and a sun porch. The location makes this listing a steal for its price.

Number Fourteen: Great Room in a Fantastic Location

Price: $90/night. Neighborhood: Near Fisherman’s Wharf. While you don’t have the entire home to yourself here, the room is beyond stunning. The room fills with sun during the day and also features a new bathroom you get to yourself. And considering it’s within walking distance of Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Ghirardelli Square, the price is unbeatable.

Number Thirteen: Gorgeous Victorian Home

Price: $350/night. Neighborhood: Castro. If you want to go fancy, this is your best bet. The listing offers the entire top floor of a Victorian building that is within walking distance of Dolores Park. Not only is there a fireplace, but there’s also a back patio and a formal dining room. Bring your Sunday best!

Number Twelve: 270-Degree View in Noe Valley Flat

Price: $275/night. Neighborhood: Noe Valley. For stunning views, look no further than this listing. The space features a private room and bathroom where you’ll get 270-degree views of the magical city of San Francisco. There are five outdoor decks, two flatscreen televisions, and it’s close to public transportation.

Number Eleven: Modern Apartment in Hayes Valley

Price: $900/night. Neighborhood: Hayes Valley. The price might be steep, but you’re paying for location here. This penthouse features two bedrooms and two bathrooms and has a washer and dryer in the unit. It’s close to Market Street and all that Hayes Valley has to offer.

Number Ten: Canterbury Two Bedroom Presidential

Price: $500/night. Neighborhood: Downtown. This listing is technically inside a hotel – The Canterbury. The hotel is luxurious and features all sorts of amenities (which might explain the price per night). It’s not the most adventurous listing, but it’s a sure bet.

Number Nine: Art Deco Dream Home/Beach House

Price: $456/night. Neighborhood: Near Golden Gate Park. A truly unique listing, this space features eight rooms. The master bedroom has an ocean view, European jacuzzi tub, and even a steam room, and Golden Gate Park is just 200 feet away. And attention all piano players – there’s a 1923 Steinway “O” baby grand piano in the living room. Now that’s impressive.

Number Eight: Luxury Loft With 15-Foot Windows

Price: $500/night. Neighborhood: Potrero Hill. You read that right – 15-foot windows! This listing is incredibly spacious and is just a 10-minute drive from downtown San Francisco. The bathroom is newly renovated, and if you struggle with uncomfortable beds, there’s a Queen-size Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Number Seven: Million Dollar Penthouse, Remodeled

Price: $505/night. Neighborhood: Haight-Ashbury. This penthouse is 2,000 square feet and features 11-foot ceilings. There’s also a 700-foot outdoor deck and a chef’s kitchen. If you’re in the mood to channel Anthony Bourdain, this listing has your name all over it.

Number Six: Spectacular Penthouse

Price: $1,019/night. Neighborhood: North Beach. The title isn’t kidding – this penthouse is truly spectacular. The master bedroom has a king bed, 65″ television, and a steam shower. On top of that, there’s a 1,000-square foot outdoor deck, and it’s out of the way so you don’t have to worry about jealous neighbors.

Number Five: Bohemian Compound in Mission

Price: $3,000/night. Neighborhood: The Mission. This listing is the epitome of everything San Francisco. The open space can accommodate up to 15 people and is designed to feel like home as soon as you step in the door. The decor is tasteful and bohemian, so this would be great for someone looking to relax or channel their creativity.

Number Four: Gracious Contemporary Victorian

Price: $1,000/night. Neighborhood: Lower Pacific Heights. What makes this listing special is the fact that it belongs to an actual designer in the Bay Area! The space has high ceilings and a gorgeous spiral staircase that will fulfill all of your childhood fantasies. There’s also a gourmet kitchen available for all the foodies out there.

Number Three: The Payne Mansion

Price: $8,000/night. Neighborhood: Marina District. The Payne Mansion is truly a mansion – while you wouldn’t want to come here solo, the space comfortably sleeps 40 and can host up to 200 or more people. There’s even an elevator inside!

Number Two: Panoramic Sky

Price: $2,840/night. Neighborhood: Berkeley Hills. While not in the heart of SF, there’s something really special about this listing. The home was designed by Daniel Lieberman – the protege of Frank Lloyd Wright – and is on a 1.4-acre property that feels so open you won’t believe the city is just a drive away. And if you weren’t convinced already, there’s also a hot tub and sauna.

Number One: Private Castle in Pacific Heights

Price: $475/night. Neighborhood: Pacific Heights. Finally, for less than $500 per night, you can stay in your own private castle! The castle was designed by Henry Gutterson and was built in the style of a French Fortress in 1921. It even has a turret, but don’t fret – the castle features all sorts of modern amenities as well. Happy traveling!

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