Saga of The Good Life and Hard Times: Nina Simone’s childhood home for sale



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I hate swiping material from the Zillow blog – since I like to do my own original stuff – but when I recently came across an article about the childhood home of musician/civil rights activist Nina Simone, I just had to do a post for House Crazy.

I have been a huge fan of Nina Simone’s for eons. I collected some of her vinyl albums during my university days (probably still have them somewhere out in the storage dump) and I chose my daughter’s name as a variation of Nina Simone’s name: Tova Simone. That’s my little tribute to a sensational, strong, intelligent and fierce woman who worked passionately to move mountains in her time.

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Nina Simone came from humble beginnings and rose to legendary status as a singer, songwriter and social activist. Now her childhood home in North Carolina is for sale.

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The 600 square foot wood-frame house is where Nina Simone (given name: Eunice Kathleen Waymon) was born in 1933 and lived as a child until she was about 12 years old.

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Her parents raised 6 children in this tiny home near Tryon, North Carolina.

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The house, built in the year 1930, is currently listed for sale at $65,000. Apparently it has undergone several drastic price reductions but still remains on the market.

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The current owner has put over $100,000 into the home in order to return it to how it looked in the 1930’s and ’40’s when a young Nina Simone lived there.

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According to the listing agent [as quoted in the Zillow blog article] previous owners were going to tear down the shack in order to build a new Habitat for Humanity house. But the current owner mobilized the community to save, restore and preserve the home for its historic merits.

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Unfortunately, like many of us old house owners, the current owner ran out of money so he had to put Simone’s childhood home up for sale. (ugh, do I know that dreaded feeling!)

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Returned to its original state, this home is sans plumbing and modern electrical and I wouldn’t be surprised to find the remains of an old outhouse nearby.

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It is a wonderful old house preservation story… but it still needs a happy ending!

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I truly hope some history buff or music lover snatches up this house and turns it into a public museum as a tribute to the legendary Nina Simone…

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To view the original article from Zillow, see here.


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