Russia: 30 Startling Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 4)



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Altai Mountains /

We really amazed you with our first set of 22 startling facts that you didn’t know about Russia, and now we have finally returned with part four! There is so much more to learn about this astounding and unique country, and our list offers the best of the best facts that you never knew! Read on to discover the top eight facts that you didn’t know about Russia!

Number Eight: Reinventing the Rug

In most areas, rugs are fashioned to the floor in order to tie a room together. However, in Russia, they are most often hung from walls rather than placed on the floor. This tradition roots back to when the people would hang rugs on walls to avoid hearing the sounds from other rooms.

Number Seven: The Deepest Subways in Russia

This country has an impressive reputation for their unique system of transport, the metro system. You may think that subway stations are anything but unique- until you see the elegant layout of extensive systems they have. Russia is also home to the fourth deepest subway station in the world, placed at 84 meters below the ground.

Number Six: Language in Russia

If English is your first language, it can prove to be exceptionally difficult to learn the Russian language. This is mainly because the linguistics of the unique language do not require the use of both a subject and verb in order to create a complete sentence.

Number Five: Mushroom Picking

In America, many of us find joy in venturing out to farms and fields to pick fresh berries, apples, or other produce. The Russian people share a similar hobby, but rather go scavenging for mushrooms.

Number Four: The Weirdest Pancakes

It is evident that Russian cuisine can reach some weird levels (like the jelly-meat), but pancakes take an entirely different form in this country. Here, they are called a “blini”, and are most often topped with sour cream and caviar. However, dill, smoked salmon, and eggs are also popular toppings.

Number Three: Land of the Laser-Yacht

Many of us may be familiar with one of the richest men in the world, the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich. Obviously, every rich man needs a yacht, but his has a rather special feature. It is equipped with a unique laser shield that he calls an “anti-paparazzi shield”. These lasers sweep the surroundings of the vessel and ruin any photo that might target the yacht.

Number Two: Putin’s Tiger Game

During the days that Putin was trying to earn fans to get him voted into office (and retain his office position), he took part in organizing a wide array of staged publicity stunts. The most notable and ridiculous of the tricks, Putin was filmed saving a television crew from a “wild and vicious” Siberian tiger.

Number One: SuperPutin

In addition to his misleading publicity stunts, Putin tried to increase his likability with one of the most unique comics ever created. He was depicted in a series of comics deemed “SuperPutin”, in which he fought crime and crushed evil villains. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the 30 startling facts that you didn’t know about Russia!

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