Russia: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



We already brought you part one of this fascinating list of facts about Russia. Now we are back with part two.

Number Eight: We Bought Alaska From Them in the 1800s

Alaska covers almost 600,000 square miles. We bought this state at an extremely low price of fewer than two cents an acre back in 1867.

Number Seven: Russia Has More Women Than Men

In Russia, there are 9 million more women than men, which means they have a very unbalanced distribution of the sexes. This means that the competition between females for winning male affection is quite high.

Number Six: Fake Ambulances

You can hire a fake ambulance to get ahead of the busy traffic in Moscow. However, this is quite an expensive thing to do and is reserved mostly for the rich.

Number Five: Russia Isn’t as Far Off as It Seems

Although it sounds like it’s an entire universe away, it’s really not. At the countries’ nearest points, Russia and the United States of America are only 4 kilometers apart.

Number Four: Beer Was Considered Non-Alcoholic

Everyone knows the stereotype about Russians and vodka, which comes from the Russian word “voda” (water). Apparently, beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until only two years ago and was thought of as a basic refreshment.

Number Three: They Employ Cats

There is a museum in Russia that has a bit of a rodent problem, which poses a threat to the important artifacts at the museum. For this reason, they hire cats to guard the artwork and keep it safe from harm. Quite an innovative idea.

Number Two: A Quarter of Them Die Young

In America, only one percent of people will die before they reach age 55. In Russia, this is a staggering 25 percent, and it’s been said that vodka is to blame for this.

Number One: Secret Cities

It’s been said that this country has many secret cities (up to 15), the names and locations of which are unknown. Perhaps they will never become known, and that is the entire point of their existence. We hope that you enjoyed part two of our list of interesting facts about Russia.

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