Russell Wilson: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)



Russell Wilson, born in November of 1988, is an American football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. He has 36 regular season wins, which is the most by a three-year quarterback in the history of football. Here is part one of our list of facts about him.

Number Fifteen: 1,500 Autographs in One Week

An interviewer who followed Wilson around observing him and asking questions noticed just how popular this guy really is. He signed 1,500 autographs in just a week.

Number Fourteen: Abstinence

Russell Wilson was dating Ciara, the pop singer, for a while. He announced publicly that the couple was practicing abstinence, and that he was here to guide her to “a better place.”

Number Thirteen: God’s Plan for Russell Wilson

Wilson is a religious man, and attributes successes as well as failures to the big man in the sky. The interception he threw three feet too short at his second Super Bowl? Part of God’s plan, according to him.

Number Twelve: He Loves Gatorade

Gatorade is one of Wilson’s event sponsors, but his appreciation of the stuff appears to be genuine. He can down a bottle of Gatorade (the purple kind, ideally) in seemingly one gulp.

Number Eleven: He’s Like a Politician

Russell’s agent has praised the abilities of this athlete, saying he navigates and adapts to situations and groups unbelievably fast. The agent compares him to a great politician.

Number Ten: Wilson’s Entourage

The quarterback keeps a “brain trust” around him. This group comprises of multiple white friends, and has been called his “entourage,” though it’s clear that Russell is the leader.

Number Nine: His Father’s Influence

When Wilson was young, his father instilled many ideas in him. Among these were the notions that someone is always watching. For this reason, when the boy was just seven, his father would coach him through fake press conferences. This coaching is apparent in the way he speaks in interviews in present day. He is never caught in a moment where he does not know the right thing to say. We hope you found part one of this list interesting and informative. Check back for the second part, coming soon!

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