Run your business and live in this adorable Victorian bungalow!



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Ever dreamed of running your own tea house or boutique and having the conveniance of living upstairs? For $525,000, you can have your dream business and live there too!

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Located on a prime street in the historic district of Old Colorado City [west of Colorado Springs, Colorado], this charming 1888 bungalow is up for sale!

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It is currently being used as a tea house and emporium, but you could go in all kinds of creative directions with this building and the accompanying gardens and patio complete with fountain.

Step into old world elegance and style–built in 1888, this home has original hardwood floors, trim, doors, and stained glass.

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I love the idea of an old Victorian used as a business – imagine going to work each day in an 1888 treasure like this!

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I worked in several old homes in my work-outside-the-home days, but those were all non-profits with meagre budgets so they weren’t in very good condition.

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By contrast, this house is in meticulous condition.

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The tea room and clothing emporium has been around for a few years in Old Colorado City, but I’m ashamed to say I have never been inside the business. It is a wonderful location right on the main drag – surrounded by other old houses that have been renovated into commercial properties.

Even the stainless steel commercial kitchen looks sweet and cozy…

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The private spaces on the upper level of this old house are also well renovated…

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Headroom is tight, but those sloping ceilings and dormer windows are sooooo charming!

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Look at those darling painted wood floors!

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Everything about this house is darling. Of course, no one likes to take work home with them, but if “work” is this charming, I sure wouldn’t mind living here.

For all the details on this Victorian house/business, see here.


How about you? Could you ever live in a house that was also your public business?



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