Ruby Rose: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Ruby Rose is a greatly celebrated actress right now, and seeing what she’s accomplished so far, it’s easy to see why. She works for a variety of causes, and her role on Orange is the New Black has everyone talking. Here are more fun facts about this actress that most people just don’t know.

Number Eight: She Was Almost Killed

Ruby Rose was bullied a lot in the past, and one time, it lead to extreme violence. Once, she was hit with a metal chair on her head, and she had to be taken to the hospital. The girl who did the violent act almost killed her. Thankfully she survived it.

Number Seven: She Wrote and Starred in a Short Film

Casting agents quickly became interested in Ruby Rose when they saw her short called Break Free. Rose produced, starred, and wrote it.

Number Six: Her Depression Is Public

In a way, this actress is known to have revealed her experiences with her depression. This is important in today’s world because mental health is starting to get more recognition. More changes towards it can be made.

Number Five: She’s High on Fashion

Ruby Rose has garnered many fans, and as such, many brands have been signing with her to endorse her. These include Maybelline, Vogue, Nylon, and Marie Claire. All in just a couple of years!

Number Four: She’s a Famous VJ

Before she was an actress who everyone would see on Netflix, Ruby Rose worked with MTV Australia: she was their VJ. That is the type of job not many people know.

Number Three: She Uses Her Fame Philanthropically

Ruby Rose is not someone who takes her fame for granted. The actress uses her position to spread awareness about anti-bully initiatives. She believes that bullying must be stopped.

Number Two: Ruby Rose and Christina Ricci Locked Lips

Once, Ruby Rose was seen kissing Christina Ricci. Some people think that they should be dating and would make a cute couple.

Number One: Fooled by Maybelline

When Ruby Rose was contacted by Maybelline for a contract, she thought they were pulling a prank on her. She couldn’t believe it after she heard the truth! Then, she accepted it and she became so happy! This is something she has said in a multitude of interviews as of late. Thanks for reading our list!

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