Round and rustic – Canadian style



Today I am featuring a house from my home country, Canada. And yes, it is round.

Take a look at this unique green-built home near Owen Sound, Ontario:

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Doesn’t the roof look like it is growing blonde hair?

That is a “living roof” – the kind of roof where you can grow grass and bugs, and mostly weeds. Birds can nest in there and critters can paw and burrow. So much more eco-friendly than asphalt shingles!

The house is actually made from cordwood construction – literally pieces of de-barked wood that are stacked like a pile of firewood and mortared into place. This method of building goes back a long way and is most commonly seen in Nordic countries, eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. Basically, places where it is cold and they have access to a lot of trees.

The round shape of this house maximizes the interior space, while minimizing exposed exterior surface area, similar to a dome house. Cordwood homes, however, can come in all shapes and sizes.

The cordwood masonry sort of resembles stonework from a distance…

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But up close, you can see that the walls are actually made from pieces of stacked wood:

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As you can imagine, the exterior walls are very thick – ranging from 12 to 36 inches!

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The kitchen in this house is a nice mix of vintage old and rustic new:

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I adore the old-fashioned stove and antique hand-pump beside the sink!

You can tell that a lot of care and attention went into the building of this home.

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You can see the complete listing here and here.

Even though this round, cordwood home is extremely masculine and substantial, I could see myself living here… but I’d probably plant some flowers on the roof to soften it up a little.

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What about you?

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