Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 15 Cool Facts (Part 1)



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was born in the United Kingdom in 1987. She went on to become an acting and modeling sensation, gaining many fans throughout America in the process. Here are some facts you didn’t know about the star.

Number Fifteen: She Wasn’t Always Miss Popular

She was picked on in school for not having large enough breasts and for having big lips. She was nicknamed “Lips,” and even her gym teacher joined in on the name calling.

Number Fourteen: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Brought Diversity Back

At least according to a fashion photographer named Rankin. He said that they’d been using very skinny, nearly masculine girls for quite some time and that Rosie was a breath of fresh air for the industry.

Number Thirteen: Not the Party Girl Type

Although Rosie enjoys going out and dancing, she’s not really the partying type. She would rather make┬ásure she is well rested, pays her bills, and makes her family proud of her.

Number Twelve: Surgery Does Not Appeal to Her

The model has refused to get any work done, such as a nose job or cosmetic teeth enhancements. Manufactured beauty is not appealing to the star.

Number Eleven: She Gave Small Men Across America Hope

When she was filming for Transformers, director Michael Bay insisted that she wear heels throughout the entire filming. When the kissing scene came with Shia LaBeouf, she begged him to remove the heels so she wouldn’t tower over him so much. Michael refused, saying that she was “giving small men across America hope.”

Number Ten: Rosie Bought a Car She Couldn’t Drive

At age 16, the star got her first large paycheck after being featured in a Levi’s ad. She thought that was the only time she’d get paid for doing modeling work so she spent it all on a car, even though she couldn’t drive yet.

Number Nine: She Only Had One Boyfriend at School

She has confessed that boys did not really show much interest in her when she was younger. I’m sure that’s changed quite a bit! We hope you enjoyed part one of our list. Return soon for part two.

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