Ronald Reagan: 15 Odd Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)



Amit Shimoni
Amit Shimoni

We shocked you with the first set of seven odd facts that you didn’t know about Ronald Reagan in our part one article, and we have finally returned to completely blow your mind with part two! Whether you love or hate this former president, we promise that we have all the interesting facts that you will want to know about this man! Read on to discover the top eight facts about Ronald Reagan that our article has to offer!

Number Eight: The Almost-Assassination

Unless you lived through the presidency of Ronald Reagan, you probably don’t know much about the potential assassination of our 40th president. Shortly after his inauguration, Reagan was shot. He was said to have been frighteningly close to death from his wounds but pulled through after surgery. He survived the assassination attempt and was the first president ever to do so.

Number Seven: The Spokesman

For a brief period of his life, Reagan worked as a spokesman for the General Electric company. In fact, this was when his idea to get started in politics first sparked.

Number Six: The Only Divorcee

As unlikely as it may seem, Reagan is the only president in American history that has ever been divorced. He met his first wife, Jane Wyman in the 1938 filming of Brother Rat. They married young in 1938, but broke it off and had it finalized by 1949.

Number Five: The Sportscaster

Before Reagan’s days in General Electric and politics, he began his working life early with a job as a sportscaster. He got the job after he graduated in 1932, as the announcer for the home games for the University of Iowa. His options grew with success and later moved on to become an announcer for the Chicago Cubs.

Number Four: The Gipper

Possibly one of the most characteristic traits of this former president is his nickname, “The Gipper.” He received this term of adoration from his acting role as George Gipp (also nicknamed “The Gipper”) in the 1940 blockbuster Knute Rockne, All American which gained him a lot of popularity.

Number Three: Dutch

Before he was fortunate enough to glean the nickname Gipper, Reagan had a much less favorable nickname from his childhood. Just a young boy at the time, his father would tell him that he had a “fat, Dutchman-like appearance” and the haircut to match. Throughout his childhood, the nickname “Dutch” really stuck. The man wasn’t even Dutch.

Number Two: Star Wars

Citizens of the 1970s could probably tell you that the movie Star Wars wasn’t exactly expected to be such the huge box office hit that it turned out to be. Similarly, Reagan’s introduction of the SDI system (Strategic Defense Initiative) also received quite a bit of criticism. The initiative involved a system of collaboration between both air and land forces to protect from nuclear attacks and became ultimately successful. Because of this unexpected turnout, the SDI was nicknamed Star Wars.

Number One: Ronald Reagan Opens the Olympics

As the Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles in 1984, President Reagan made American history. That year, he became the first American President in all of history to open the Olympic games. We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of 15 odd facts that you didn’t know about Ronald Reagan!

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