Rezoned and repurposed: you can live in a bus!



Road trip anyone?

This is too cool…

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Looks like a funky bus on the outside… but inside is a cozy little haven that you can actually live in, or go camping in:

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A guy by the name of Jake Von Slatt rescued this old bus and converted it into living quarters.

Here’s how it came about (in Jake’s own words):

In January of 2005 I took delivery of a 1989 Thomas Saf-T-Liner, a flat-nosed diesel school bus with about 100,000 miles on it that I bought on eBay for $2000.  Over the next 18 months I converted this old school bus into a family camper.  Wherever possible re-used and recycled material were used, mostly acquired from our town dump, Craigslist and friend’s demolition projects.


This is a view of the bus in-the-raw:

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[personal aside… I rode a school bus for one hour each way until I graduated highschool… so old yeller has some personal significance for me. It was like my second home.]

Here’s the shell that Jake started with:

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It’s hard to imagine that it would end up like this:

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Wow – what a transformation!

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It is a small space to be sure, but the details are splendid.

“Over all I’ve tried for a mid-20th century look with an eclectic mix of architectural elements – I wanted it to look like a cozy-but-dated seaside cottage or beach house.” says Jake.

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And to think that he did all this with recycled and reclaimed materials – truly impressive!

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The built-ins are wonderful. This shot reminds me of an old caboose or box-car conversion:

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On the walls, Jake chose a combination of Glidden’s “Mystic Seaport” and Glidden’s “light tourmaline” in a nod to the original color of the school bus interior. I think these soft greens look very flattering next to the varnished wood.

Everything is so compact and efficient…

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This would be a fun thing to take on a cross-country camping trip. I’ve been in lots of fancy RV’s but none made with such handspun love (and recycled materials). This is one very economical home-on-the-road!

Nicely done Jake.

If you would like more details on Jake’s school bus conversion, click here.

To see what other funky projects Jake has going on, check out The Steampunk Workshop!

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